Shandong Blueberry

The bright blue seems to drip out of water

Meet the challenge of foodie with a proud "victor" posture

It is known as the "Queen of Fruits", "King of Berries" and other reputed blueberries that burst at the first bite.

The sweetness is touching, and I don't even feel like eating 100 tablets.

Speaking of blueberries, everyone thinks of the imports from the United States and Chile for the first time.

 In fact, there is a kind of Chinese Shandong blueberries. I throw them a few blocks away.

The particles are full, the particles are bursting sweet, and the particles are super large!

Blueberry from Shandong of China, full of fruit, showing the rich purple of violet, without any impurities, crystal clear, attractive color, like a sapphire!

Even the white fruit frost on the outside is unbearable to touch. Blueberry fruity fragrance, natural and fresh.

Under the scent, there is a refreshing and pleasant fragrance that can't be matched by the sky-high price perfume. Just a light sip, the juice with the rich aroma will burst out to cover the taste buds, and the peel is also tender and free of scum, and there is no astringency. The particles are oversized. Daguo is about the same as a dime coin. It bursts into the mouth and is full of flesh.

Sweet and sour and delicious, the fine juice overflows in the tongue and teeth slowly across every part of the mouth, flowing into the throat, and the selection of good fruits, the crispness and sweetness is not inferior to other blueberries. The sweetness is as high as 11° or more, which is much sweeter than blueberries on the market. It can be called the "Hermes of the blue world". Almost all of them are sweet, which makes you taste delicious/sweet/fresh/crispy. Good blueberries come from good producing areas. Shandong is located in the northern temperate zone, with a mild monsoon climate and superior soil, which is conducive to the accumulation of blueberry nutrients and is especially suitable for blueberry growth. Every year from May to July is the ripening season of Shandong blueberries. Clusters of blue little cuties are bathed in the sun, and they spread big fruits on the branches in the wind. The surface is covered with a layer of hoar frost and full to become oblate. The shape is so exquisite that people can't bear to pick it up. Every blueberry tree of Youpei strictly controls the picking standards, and picks fresh fruits artificially. No rotten or bad fruits are required. Multiple rounds of picking and rejecting ensure the quality of each blue fruit. The fresh fruit is picked on the same day, which is 30 days longer than imported blueberries. The freshly picked blueberries have tight skins. One bite the skin, the delicious juice splashes all over the mouth, and the breath is refreshing and fruity. The flesh is crisp and delicious, delicate and tender, and enjoy the good time of "berry"! Blueberries, known as "Queen of Fruits" and "King of Berries", are one of the top ten healthy foods announced by the World Health Organization. Its name is not something to boast about.

Blueberries are rich in anthocyanins, which are good for eye health. The ability of anthocyanins to prevent myopia is recognized by the international medical community. As early as 2000, the U.S. Department of Education listed blueberries as a nutritious food for elementary and middle school students. According to reports, the U.S. Air Force also uses fresh blueberries as a cheat for eye protection

Shandong blueberry of China is rich in anthocyanins, which can promote the regeneration of rhodopsin in retinal cells.

Prevent myopia, eliminate eye fatigue, and improve vision. Blueberries are super suitable for the elderly and children to eat every day, and they are also rich in vitamins, which can keep the skin moist, white and elastic. The fairies who love beauty must stock up. Rinse the blueberries with clean water and eat them directly. You can also make blueberry jam and blueberry wine if you worry about it after eating. Babies who are gifted with food may wish to make blueberry cakes, blueberry sparkling water, etc. 

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