Chiles blueberry exports rank first in the world

According to the report of the Agricultural Policy Research Office of the Ministry of Agriculture of Chile, export volume of Chile's blueberry and its export value both take the first place in the world. Becasue of the continuous expansion of domestic planting, Chilean blueberry exports continue to grow in the international market share. In 2002, the market share was 5.4%, and now it has reached 30.9%. It has become the  largest fresh blueberry exporter in the world. The United States and Canada accounted for 23.7% and 22.2% respectively.

According to the data published by the Blueberry Committee under the Chilean Export Enterprises Association, Chilean blueberry exports value in the 2012-2013 season reached US$400 million, which is two times more than that of four years ago. The export volume reached 70,000 tons, an increase of 133% over five years ago. The improvement in exports volume was mainly due to the  increasing in prices in the international market. Chilean blueberry production is expected to realize 84,000 tons in the coming season.

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