This season Chilean blueberries finally ushered in the peak export period

In week 50 (12.11-12.17), the total export volume of Chilean blueberries was 9,196 tons, which was basically in line with expectations. After the cold spring in the southern hemisphere, the expected rhythm of this season's blueberry exports finally appeared. The total export volume this week also included 365 tons of organic blueberries. As of now, organic blueberries have always been in the export of blueberries from the 2017 to 2018 season.

For a period of time since the beginning of this season in November, the blueberry export situation has been growing slowly, which is not satisfactory compared with the same period last year. The total export volume of blueberries in the 44th week (10.30-11.05) of this year was only 424 tons, and in the 45th week (11.06-11.12) only 744 tons, while the exports in the same period last year were 1,551 tons and 2,984 tons respectively. Even in the 46th week, the total amount finally reached 1,000, reaching 1,329 tons, which is a far cry from the 4,931 tons at the same time last year; the 2,495 tons in the 47th week is less than the latter's 10,942 tons at the same time last year. One part.

In the 50th week of this year, the total export volume of blueberries was 9,196 tons, which was higher than the 8,019 tons at the same time last year. It was the first time since November that it exceeded the same period last year. More than half of them were exported to the U.S. and Canadian markets at 5,477 tons. In addition, the total amount of blueberries exported to the European market and the Far East was 2,015 tons and 1,680 tons, respectively.

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After the cold air faded, the hot weather in the southern hemisphere finally arrived, and the speed of blueberry picking began to accelerate. Last week (the 51st week), the daily maximum temperature lasted longer throughout the day, the blueberry ripening process was normal, and the picking process was in full swing. Blueberry picking conditions are more suitable. It is expected that the export volume of blueberries in the 51st week will increase significantly, approaching 10,000 tons, which is basically in line with the expectations of the previous blueberry export report. However, this week’s export volume is expected to decrease slightly compared to last week, mainly due to reduced working hours during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

It is now the time when Chilean blueberries are produced in large quantities. Chile’s main producing areas have frequent related activities. The export volume of blueberries in the two major producing areas of south-central and north-central accounts for nearly 80% of the total export volume. There are many varieties of blueberries currently being picked. Duke blueberries account for the largest proportion, accounting for 44% of Chile's total blueberry exports.

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