China imports a lot of fruits, why not export them abroad

One point is that in fact, as far as the current situation is concerned, a small number of fruits in China are exported to foreign countries in large quantities. The most common one is apples. The growing areas of apples are mainly in colder places. It is not suitable to grow apples in tropical and subtropical regions. Moreover, the output of apples is also very high. The apples planted in northern China are more than enough for the whole country, while Chinese apples are not suitable for growing It is mainly exported to Southeast Asia. These developing countries seldom export to developed countries in Europe and the United States. Of course, this has something to do with transportation costs. Apple is not a very scarce fruit in the world. Most European and American countries are also in temperate regions. Naturally, the demand for apple is relatively small.

The second point is that foreign tastes are different. Although China thinks its fruit quality and taste are relatively good, it may not be recognized in foreign countries. This is mainly because of personal taste. From the perspective of these imported fruits, there are few sweet fruits in foreign countries, but mainly sour fruits. In fact, foreign countries prefer this kind of fruit with special taste, but the Chinese market is mainly rich Therefore, sweet fruits are not very popular for export.

The third point is the strict food management in foreign countries. European and American countries are strict in the management of food imported from abroad, not only fruits, but also many other foods. In many aspects, the requirements for food are almost harsh, and their standards are more perfect. However, it is difficult for China to adapt to these rules, which requires a lot of cost. European and American countries have very high requirements on the quality of fruits. As far as China's overall environment is concerned, it has not yet reached the standards of European and American countries, and has not yet met the requirements in many aspects of quality management. There is also China's fruit, there is little such brand influence, no influence.

China's fruit production is of high quality. Why can't it be exported to foreign countries? The reason is "deep". The main reason is that the taste of China's main fruit is not suitable for foreign countries, the cost of export transportation is too high, and the problem of food safety management leads to this vacancy; others use advanced planting technology to improve production efficiency and have price advantages. It is because of these advantages that imported fruits are more market in China.

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