Top fruit exporting countries in the world

1. Spain

Spain is the country with the largest export of fruits in the world. I'm afraid nobody thought it. Spain is located in South Europe and is close to the Mediterranean. The environment here is especially suitable for growing fruits. According to statistics, in 2015, Spain accounted for 9% of the total fruits exported in the world. In addition, the biggest export volume of Spanish fruits is orange.

2. Ecuador

South American countries are also rich in fruit. For the country of naecuador, Ecuador has the second largest fruit export in the world. Compared with Spain, Ecuador has more fruits to export, but most of them are tropical fruits. For example, bananas, pineapples, mangoes.

3. The United States

The export volume of American fruit is also well-known in the world. Compared with other countries, the United States has large-scale fruit cultivation and then is generally mechanized. But it is strange that the United States exports a large number of bananas, but when it comes to importing, it imports a large number of bananas to Latin American countries.

4. Mexico

Experts have done a survey and found that there are general avocados from Mexico, so the export volume of Mexican butter fruit is definitely the first in the world, and there are also a lot of tomato exports. Among all the tomato exports in the world, Mexico's Tomato export accounts for 25%.

5. Philippines

In the world, the Philippines still accounts for a large proportion of fruit exports, and the main fruits exported by the Philippines are bananas, pineapples and mangoes.

6. South Africa

Africa also has many countries that produce fruit. For example, South Africa, which is rich in grapes, is said to be popular in other countries. Because South Africa is famous for its grapes, South Africa can also make full use of abundant grape resources to make wine.

I'm sorry, China has not entered the top six because China is a big fruit importer, and the local fruits in China are often in a slow-selling state. The export area is only one generation in Southeast Asia, but the volume is not large! Why domestic fruit is not sold, but imported fruit is hot?

As the name implies, the so-called imported fruit is fresh fruit imported from outside the mainland of China through customs clearance. It has certain advantages to import a large number of imported fruits into China.

Some fruits are due to their variety advantages and better taste; some fruits use seasonal contrast to fill the market vacancy; others use advanced planting technology to improve production efficiency and have price advantages. It is because of these advantages that imported fruits are more market in China.

Origin and advantages of imported fruits

1. Europe

Europe is the first area to implement agricultural modernization standardization and large-scale cultivation. Meanwhile, a large number of people emigrated to bring modern agricultural technology and standards to North America, Australia, New Zealand and other places. Now we can see in the wholesale market of imported fruits that the fruits in these areas are the highest standard and the best quality.

2. South America (e.g. Chile), Africa

These countries were colonized by European capitalist powers for a long time. In addition to looting, digging gold and minerals, the colonists brought modern planting technology and developed many giant planting bases. When the original residents of each colony were evicting the colonists, the gold and mineral resources could not be found back, but the farms and orchards were left, and the local people inherited the colonization The planting and management technology and product standards of the people.

However, because people in some countries in South America are relatively lazy and the pursuit of product quality is not as high as that of Europeans, we can see that the average fruit quality in Europe, Australia and New Zealand is higher than that of South America.

3. Southeast Asia

The overall standard of fruit in Southeast Asia is lower than that of South America. But to sell fruit to China, it is better to do it by standard than in our country. The fruit bases in Southeast Asia are estimated to have been controlled by our Chinese fruit producers. The human cost and land cost of Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos in Southeast Asia are far lower than that of China. The ASEAN countries' GATT and a large number of folk border trade activities also make the entry threshold of Southeast Asian fruits lower than that of Europe and America.

4. Taiwan

The level is roughly the same as that of South America, but the varieties are completely coincident with the mainland of China, and the basic cost is higher than that of the mainland. If it is not for the close ties between the two sides of the Straits, the mainland government strongly supports the decline in the advantages of Taiwan's fruit export to the mainland by a large proportion.

5. Japan

The quality of Japanese fruit is the world leader, and the Japanese pursue the ultimate craftsmanship spirit, which can only be compared with German in the world. Japanese fruits sold to China, whether it's apples or grapes, from packaging to product itself, have to be admired.

And Japanese always leave the best products to their domestic population.

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