Chinas most mainland road fruit import and export port: direct access to ASEAN fruit how to enter China

At the peak of the market for fresh fruits in Southeast Asia, fresh  fruits such as durian, mangosteen, lemon,and longan are popular among consumers in supermarkets in cities such as Nanning, Beijing, and Shanghai. On August 4, at the Agricultural Products Wholesale Market in the Logistics Park of Pingxiang City, Guangxi, fruit wholesaler Huang Yidong told reporters that the price of imported fruit from ASEAN countries has become more "friendly" since the beginning of this year, and his company is busy. Now, the high-end 6A Mangosteen has been sold out.

Pingxiang is the most mainland fruit import and export port in China. It is known as the "China-ASEAN Fruit Capital". On average, half a kilogram of fruit entering China comes from here for every 2 kg of fruit. To experience how such a huge amount of fruit enters China , A reporter from visited Pingxiang Port.

In the special freight channel of the Sino-Vietnamese Friendship Customs just completed, the reporter saw that large trucks with Vietnamese license plates full of fruits lined up for customs clearance; in the cargo yard of the Pingxiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, hundreds of large trucks "lined up" to pick them up. Barge; After passing the inspection, the fresh fruit will be transported to various parts of China via the expressway on a truck with a Chinese license plate, and will be able to reach various markets in the next day at the latest.

According to statistics from Pingxiang Customs, with the opening of the special freight channel for China-Vietnam Friendship Customs in September last year, the average daily entry and exit vehicles have increased from the original 700 to about 1200.

Ye Sheng, deputy director of the Management Committee of Guangxi Pingxiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, told reporters that the land transport of fruits from Thailand, Vietnam and other countries into China by large trucks has many advantages over container shipping: it is fast, and it can be reached within the same day from the place of production to China; and it is flexible. , Small batches of goods can also be shipped. After the goods are loaded in the production area, there is no need for multiple connections in the middle, and point-to-point transportation can be realized.

According to Nong Ling, deputy chief of the logistics monitoring department of Pingxiang Customs, in order for Southeast Asian fruits to enter the Chinese market, they must go through the procedures of declaration-inspection-quarantine-release. On August 1 this year, China Customs implemented the reform of the integrated declaration of import and export goods. The original customs declaration and inspection system was integrated into one system. The 74 customs declaration documents accompanying documents were merged and integrated into 10 items, and 102 regulatory documents were simplified into 64 items. The speed of customs clearance of fruits entering China has been further accelerated.

In the declaration hall of the Pingxiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the salesman Lai Mingcheng of Guangxi Hengxing Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., who has been engaged in fruit import and export business at the port for a long time, told reporters that after the integration of customs and inspection reforms, the time for customs clearance per vehicle has been shortened by at least 30%.

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How to ensure the safety of imported fruits while improving the efficiency of customs clearance? Nong Ling introduced that the customs system will conduct risk research and judgment on the declaration form, and transfer the problematic goods to manual review and on-site inspection.

At the customs inspection site, many large container trucks are waiting in line to pass a cabin full of machines. Nong Ling told reporters that this is the customs intelligent inspection equipment H986, which can scan and image the cargo in the vehicle by emitting high-voltage electron beams. The staff judges whether the goods are in conformity with the declaration according to the uniformity of the image. Once problems are found, they will be transferred to manual inspection for further processing.

"In the past, a large 40-ton truck required 10 workers to inspect it in about 30 minutes. Now, using this system is like taking an X-ray. We can inspect a car in less than 3 minutes," said Nong Ling. 

Coming to the on-site inspection platform, the customs officer Hu Shukun was unpacking and inspecting a batch of mangosteens in accordance with the deployment control instructions. Hu Shukun introduced that in accordance with the "Incoming Fruit Inspection and Quarantine Supervision and Administration Measures" and the "Thailand Fruit Transit Third Country Export to China Inspection and Quarantine Requirements" "Required that the focus of the inspection is to check whether the cargo certificate is consistent and whether the fruit is detected with an epidemic disease. They will also randomly select fruit samples and send them to the laboratory for testing as required.

Not far from the on-site inspection platform, there is the customs on-site laboratory. In the 37°C constant temperature testing room, the customs inspector Zhao Menglu carried test tubes in hand and tested the mangosteen samples sent for pesticide residues and other indicators. She said that qualified reagents were extracted The pulp of the sample must be pulverized and mixed uniformly, then subjected to ultrasonic vibration, and the corresponding test enzyme is added to the reagent to react, and the harmful substances can be judged to exceed the standard.

"The whole process is about 30 minutes, very fast." Zhao Menglu said. For unqualified products that have undergone on-site quarantine or laboratory inspection, the customs will return them to the exporting country or destroy them.

Nong Ling introduced that with the implementation of various customs clearance facilitation reform measures, fruits that meet the requirements are basically released on the day of customs declaration. In the first half of this year, Pingxiang Port imported a total of 560,000 tons of fresh fruits, a year-on-year increase of 30%.

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