Whyis China Fresh Fruits difficult to be exported to USA and European Countries

China is a large fresh fruit production country in the world. It is not only rich in varieties, but also has amazing output. The output of fruits such as apples, Pear, Lemon, citrus, grapefruit, kiwi, grapes, and strawberries are among the best in the world.

With such a large output, it is not enough to rely on domestic consumption alone, so it will naturally be exported. However, you may have noticed that most of the countries and regions where Chinese fruits are exported are concentrated in East Asia, Southeast Asia and other places. In markets as big as Europe and the United States, the export volume of Chinese fruits has been very low.

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So, why is it difficult for Chinese fruits to enter the European and American fruit markets? Is the quality of the fruit substandard?

The author believes that in the past few years, the quality of Chinese fruits was said to be "large in quantity and poor in quality", and perhaps it was possible to "fudge" some unconfident laymen. However, in recent years, it cannot be said that all the quality of Chinese fruits has reached international standards, but the quality of fruits such as apples, grapefruits, and kiwis is definitely not worse than that of European and American countries.

Quality issues are no longer a major obstacle restricting the export of Chinese fruits to European and American countries.

Take apples as an example. At present, my country's fresh apple exports are dominated by the low-end Asian market, accounting for 85.27%. Among them, Bangladesh and Thailand ranked first and second.

However, the quality of Chinese apples, in terms of overall ranking and commercialization, has already ranked among the top in the world. It is also difficult to export a large number of high-quality apples to the European and American markets, which is embarrassing and curious. Why?

In response to this situation, the analysis believes that there are the following reasons:

First, from the perspective of fruit consumption in European and American countries, the output of most fruits in European and American countries is not low, they are also strong fruit countries, and the environment can also grow most fruits. Relatively speaking, the entire market is very competitive, almost tragic.

And because the fruit consumer market in European and American countries is biased towards high-end fruit consumption. China is undergoing a process of transformation from quantitative change to qualitative change. Although the quality has improved, the branding and packaging of fruits have not yet become competitive.

Second, from the perspective of quarantine, the quarantine of imported fruits from the United States and Europe is almost harsh on China. For example, the Guanxi honey pomelo from Fujian, China, is the best honey pomelo in the world. However, it has been rejected by the United States, Europe and other countries because of the fruit fly problem, and it has not been approved until now.

Drosophila problems can occur in any fruit. In the environment of Chinese fruit trees, when the fruit trees are fruiting, the weather becomes hot and the appearance of fruit flies is almost an inevitable problem.

There is currently no solution that can completely solve this problem.

Therefore, if the card is set up from this point, it is difficult to solve.

Third, the tastes of consumers in Europe and America are different from those in Asia.

Those who have eaten purely imported European and American varieties of strawberries and other fruits may find that both strawberries and apples are relatively sour. It can be said that the taste is mainly sour. In fact, Europeans and Americans prefer sourness to fruits when they eat fruits. Most of the fruits produced in China are mainly sweet.

It is also impossible for China to grow fruits with European and American tastes purely for export to the European and American markets. Naturally, its competitiveness will be much lower.

Although, our fruits do not have an advantage in exporting to European and American countries. But don't worry too much about domestically produced fruits. After all, even if exports in the European and American markets increase, they will not increase too much, and the pressure of market competition is too great. In the future, the export of Chinese fruits should focus on the two major markets of India and Russia, focusing on these two major markets.

Do a good job in these two major markets, and China's fruit exports are worry-free.

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