China Fruites Cultivated in South Shanxi is booms its Export

In the summer, the orchard in southern Shanxi became lively again, and the breath of harvest filled every smiling face. When the China fruit farmers took off the protective bags for the apples, they put on the red apples with anti-squeeze mesh clothing, as if they were dressing up for their married daughter. "You have to be more careful. Since the Houma Entry-Exit Inspection (Quarantine) Bureau helped us export China fruits last year, it used to be only a few cents per catty, but now it costs two to four or five yuan to the land, and one acre of land can collect tens of thousands more. Pieces."China Fruit farmer Gao Chungui told reporters cheerfully while busy.

Yuncheng and Linfen are the main China fruits producing areas in Shanxi Province of China. The fresh fruit planting area has reached 3.3 million mu, the annual output is 4.3 million tons, and there are 470,000 fruit farmers. For a long time,China fruits of South Shanxi have always had problems such as relying on the sky for food, lack of brand, and difficult to harvest. Most of the fruits are purchased by dealers from other provinces and then repackaged and exported. They are at the bottom of the entire sales chain. The income of fruit farmers is good. Bad, no guarantee. According to statistics, the average annual export volume of China fresh fruits in the past ten years has only been more than 2,000 tons.

In order to expand China fruit exports, in 2012, Houma Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau helped three counties in its jurisdiction to obtain the "Export Fruit Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone" from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and helped enterprises to file export fruit orchards and register processing plants to solve the root cause Quality and brand issues; at the same time, actively contact Zhuhai Bureau and Horgos Bureau to sign a memorandum of cooperation to facilitate customs clearance conditions. In 2012, the number of export fruit orchards in Yuncheng and Linfen increased to 42, with more than 100,000 mu. There were 14 registered fruit processing plants and 7 fresh fruit varieties; a total of 31,000 tons of fruit were exported, with a value of 27.282 million US dollars. , Increased by 15 times and 12 times respectively, setting a record high in fruit export volume and growth rate.

At present, China Fruit of South Shanxi has once again opened the new year's export scene. The Houma Bureau continues to promote the expansion of fresh fruit exports in the jurisdiction by strengthening ties with local governments, strengthening linkages with port bureaus, increasing the number of filing enterprises, and actively exploring fruit classification management measures. In the first half of this year, after passing the inspection and quarantine of the bureau, the jurisdiction has exported a total of 698 batches of fruits, totaling 36,400 tons, with a value of 34.76 million U.S. dollars, both increased by more than 10 times compared with the same period last year, becoming a new growth point for trade.

Right now, the piles of Chinese fruits have once again bent the trunks and swayed on the branches, and batches of fruits have been sent to distant places, fragrant and fragrant overseas.

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