China fruits originated in Yunnan increase its export to the world

According to customs statistics, from January to October 2016, Yunnan Province of China exported 592,000 tons of various fresh fruits (including fresh, dried fruits and nuts), an increase of 41.3% over the same period of the previous year; the export value was RMB 9.33 billion , an increase of 23.9%, accounting for the whole country. 36.9% of the China fresh fruit export value, ranking first among all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in the country.

From the perspective of fresh fruit export destinations, ASEAN is the main destination of China fruits export. From January to October, Yunnan province of China exported RMB 7.75 billion of China fresh fruit to ASEAN, an increase of 16.2%. During the same period, China exported RMB 14.3 billion of fruit to ASEAN, of which Yunnan accounted for 54.2% of the China fruit export to ASEAN. In terms of exporting countries, fruit exports to Thailand were RMB 3.25 billion , a decrease of 4.9%; fruits exports to Vietnam were RMB 2.67 billion, an increase of 15.6%; fruits export to Malaysia were RMB 980 million, an increase of 99.5%; exports to Myanmar and Indonesia were respectively RMB 360 million and 350 million yuan, an increase of 1.4 times and 31% respectively; fruit exports to the Philippines increased from 33.43 million yuan in the same period last year to 140 million yuan.

From the perspective of exported fruit varieties, grapes are the largest fruit export variety in Yunnan of China. From January to October, Yunnan Province of China exported 171,000 tons of grapes, an increase of 63.8%, and the export value was 3.25 billion yuan, an increase of 6%, accounting for 34.9% of the province’s fruit exports during the same period. In addition, the export of fresh lemon and citrus fruits was 118,000 tons and 1.83 billion yuan, an increase of 69.7% and 94.4%; the export of apples, pears,Eureka lemon,and other fruits was 127,000 tons and 1.57 billion yuan, an increase of 76.5% and 58.6% respectively. In addition, exports of melons, mangoes and other varieties also increased rapidly compared with the same period last year.

From the perspective of the national market, Yunnan's exports of many fruit varieties rank first in the country, and the products have obvious competitive advantages. From January to October, the export of grapes, tangerines, pears and oranges in Yunnan Province ranked first in all provinces and regions, and the export of apples ranked second in the country. Among them, grapes, tangerines, pears, and oranges accounted for 86.9%, 41.9%, 26.2% and 44.9% of the country’s total export value of similar commodities. The province’s apple exports accounted for 12.3% of the country’s apple exports, second only to Shandong. At the same time, China fruit exports to Hong Kong were 2.41 billion yuan, of which Yunnan of China accounted for 58.5% of the China fruit exports to Hong Kong.

According to expert analysis, the effects of the development of plateau characteristic ecological agriculture in Yunnan Province of China have gradually emerged. The regional layout of the fruit industry, standardized planting, large-scale production, diversified processing and circulation systems and business patterns have initially formed, and the export trade market advantage has continued to increase.

At the same time, Kunming Customs has taken active steps to promote the export of Yunnan fruits. Among them, the Mengla Customs has strengthened the standardized management of port sites, rationally channeled, scientifically arranged the parking places for import and export goods, opened a "green channel" for fresh and perishable goods such as fruits, and arranged special personnel to go through customs clearance procedures with priority. Improve the efficiency of customs clearance.

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