Winfun Agriculture Accomplished the Openning Shippment of Ya Pear to Phillipine

On May 15th,2020,  Winfun Agriculture finished its first loading for Ya pear after 3 month's suspending of Ya pear shippment due to COVID-19 epidemic all over the world.

Ya Pear is a kind of  fruit,which has the effect of clearing the lungs and nourishing the lungs. People who eat more Ya pears are far less likely to catch a cold than people who do not eat or eat fewer Ya pears, so some scientists and physicians refer to Ya pears as "all-round healthy fruits" or "general practitioners." Due to the serious air pollution,Ya pears can improve the respiratory system and lung function, and have the effect of moisturizing the lungs, which can reduce the impact of lung dust and smoke in the air.

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