Rare Severe Freezing Diaster Attacked Hebei Province, Which caused serious reduction on Pear Output in 2020

On April 22, a large-scale pear orchard in Zhao County, Hebei Province, suffered a rare severe freezing disaster. Farmers’ mobile phone was screened by disaster pictures and videos. The local meteorological department has issued a frost blue warning signal: the minimum ground temperature in Zhao County will fall below 0 ° C, which may have an impact on agricultural production. Zhao Jianghui, the pear farmer of Zhao Hong Pear company is a vigil for pear fruit. The temperature he measured was like this. From 22:30 to 5 am on the 22nd, the instantaneous temperature was minus 5 degrees Celsius, and the temperature began to rise at 6 o'clock. This sudden fall in the spring cold made the snow pear, Ya pear and Huangguan pear in the pear district in the east of Zhao County attacked. The young pears had just been set, and they grew to the size of peanuts. They were frozen, and the little pears became little popsicles. The baby pear was green in the morning, and it turned black at noon. It rotted and crisped with a light pinch. A layer of frost and snow fell on the pear leaves, and pinching a leaf can also show the severity of the freezing disaster.

Zhaoxian County, Hebei Province is the hometown of Ya Pear in China. The county has a total of 250,000 mu of Ya pear orchards, with an annual output of 500 million kg of Ya pear fruits. The pears in Zhaozhou are crispy and sweet, and the flesh is juicy and sweet, with the words "big as fist, sweet as honey, and crisp as ling." In the spring of 2018, pear flowers in Zhaoxian County suffered severe freezing disasters, resulting in a large reduction in production. The impact on pear production in the pear area is far more severe than the frozen disaster in 2018.

At this time in the past year, Chang Xin, the peasant farmer Wang Qiaoying, was busy with fruits and vegetables in the pear orchard. She arrived at the ground and turned home immediately this morning. She said that all fruits and vegetables were frozen to death. She said that the top of the pear tree is severely damaged by freezing, and the lower part is lighter. Snow pear, crown pear and new varieties are more serious, and Ya pear is relatively lighter.

An experienced pear farmer said that this year, there was a rainy and snowy weather during the opening of pear blossoms, resulting in a relatively low fruit setting rate. In addition to the current freeze damage, the county must reduce production by at least about 50%.

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