Curative Effect and Side Effect of Ya Pear

Ya Pear is a kind of  fruit,which has the effect of clearing the lungs and nourishing the lungs. People who eat more Ya pears are far less likely to catch a cold than people who do not eat or eat fewer Ya pears, so some scientists and physicians refer to Ya pears as "all-round healthy fruits" or "general practitioners." Due to the serious air pollution,Ya pears can improve the respiratory system and lung function, and have the effect of moisturizing the lungs, which can reduce the impact of lung dust and smoke in the air.

Seasons of Availability: Summer and Autumn

▸Effect and Function

Pear-flavored sweet and slightly acidic, cold in nature, enters the lungs and stomach channels; has the effects of regenerating, moisturizing, clearing heat, reducing phlegm, and hangover; used for dry cough, thirst, constipation, etc. caused by fever, yin deficiency or yin deficiency It can also be used for embolism such as thirst, cough, and yellow phlegm caused by internal heat. In addition, cooked Ya pears help the kidneys excrete uric acid and prevent gout, rheumatism and arthritis.

▸Nutrition value (benefits)

1. Ya Pear is rich in B vitamins, which can protect the heart, reduce fatigue, enhance myocardial vitality and lower blood pressure;

2. The glycosides and tannic acid contained in Ya pears can expel phlegm and cough, and have a throat maintenance effect;

3. Ya Pears have more sugars and multiple vitamins, which are easily absorbed by the body, increase appetite, and have a protective effect on the liver;

4. Ya Pear has a high content of pectin, which is helpful for digestion and easy stool.

▸ Side effects (disadvantages)


1. Ya Pear is cold and helps dampness. Eating too much will hurt the spleen and stomach, so those with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold fear should eat less.

2. Ya Pears contain more fruit acid, and those with more stomach acid should not eat more.

3. Ya Pear has a diuretic effect. People who have frequent urination at night should eat less pears before going to bed.

4.  Patients with blood deficiency, chills, diarrhea, and cold hands and feet should not eat more pears, and it is best to cook them before eating to prevent the symptoms of dampness and cold.

5. Ya Pears contain high amounts of sugar, so people with diabetes should be careful. Patients with chronic enteritis and stomach cold should avoid raw pears.

▸Can you eat

Yes, Ya pears help protect the heart, reduce fatigue, and suppress the rise in blood pressure.

▸ How to eat

Ya Pears are relatively cold and are not easy to overdose, one per day is appropriate.

It is best not to drink hot water or eat greasy food while eating Ya pears, otherwise it will cause diarrhea.

▸ Taboo crowd

Patients with chronic enteritis, stomach cold, and diabetes should avoid fresh pears.

▸  People who are Suitable for eating Ya Pear

The general population can eat pears. Those with thick cough or no sputum, itchy throat and dry pain, patients with chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, hypertension, heart disease, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, especially after drinking or hangover.

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