8 benefits of eating Ya pear

Today, I will sort out the 8 benefits of eating Ya pears for your health as reference below:

NO.1: Improve the respiratory system

Ya pear has the effect of improving the respiratory system, can enhance lung function, reduce the damage of smoke and dust to the respiratory system.

NO.2: Prevent being angry

Ya pear juice is very abundant, has a good effect of nourishing yin and moisturizing, can prevent being angry.

NO.3: Protect the heart

Ya pear is rich in B vitamins, has the effect of protecting the heart, can enhance the vitality of myocardium and prevent disease.

NO.4: Detoxification and Liver

Ya pear has a certain detoxification effect, can remove the residual toxic substances in the liver, and protect the liver.

NO.5: clearing heat to wake up

Ya pear has the effects of clearing heat, refreshing the brain, calming and so on, and has a good relief effect on the symptoms of dizziness and fatigue.

NO.6: Regulate constipation

Ya pear is rich in vitamin B, has a good effect to promote digestion and improve constipation.

NO.7: Prevent cancer

Ya pear has a good inhibitory effect on nitrosamines and can prevent a variety of cancers.

NO.8: lower cholesterol

Ya  pear is rich in lignin and can combine with cholesterol in the body to promote the excretion of cholesterol.

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