Ya Pear can Keep you away from Disease

As we all know, ya pear is a popular fruit in Asia and North America. It tastes sweet and rich in water. Not only can it be eaten raw, but it can also be used to cook porridge and make tea. But what are the benefits of eating ya pears, many people do not understand, let us take a look!

1. being good for lung and curing cough and COVID-19

It is estimated that many people know that ya pears treat cough. The most common practice at home is to cut ya pears into pieces, then add rock sugar, and boil water together to drink, which has a good effect on lungs and cough. In the spring, most people will have strong liver fire, cough and phlegm, and ya pears are the best for treatment of COVID-19.

2. Improve immunity and reduce colds

People who eat more ya pears are far less likely to catch a cold than people who do not eat or eat less. During the cold epidemic, eating ya pear can reduce cold and COVID-19.

3. Protect the heart

Ya Pears are rich in B vitamins, can protect the heart, reduce fatigue, enhance myocardial vitality and lower blood pressure. Hypertensive patients can eat one pear a day and stick to it for a week, there will be obvious effects! Improving immunity, it is not easy to get a cold or other diseases.


Korean researchers have found that eating fresh pear or a cup of hot pear juice after a meal, the carcinogens accumulated in the body can be excreted in large quantities. Eating pears can prevent atherosclerosis and inhibit the formation of carcinogens nitrosamines, thus preventing cancer cancer. It will decrease significantly after eating pears, especially after drinking heated pear juice.

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