Healty drink for supporting treatment of COIVD-19 Disease

When it comes to pneumonia, everyone must know something now. Because the recent epidemic caused by the COVID-19 in Wuhan has attracted everyone's attention. At first, most of the infected people were middle-aged and elderly people, and the people infected with the virus became younger and younger. Today we are going to talk about pneumonia in the elderly. Simply put, it is pneumonia in the elderly. I believe everyone knows the truth that the physical resistance of the elderly is generally weak. This is one of the reasons why they were first infected by the virus. It is for this reason that the elderly have a higher mortality rate from pneumonia. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to the elderly in their own homes. Once there is any physical discomfort, don’t procrastinate. In any case, take it to the hospital to see it. Don’t listen to the elderly saying that it ’s okay and do ’t spend money. As long as the elderly are healthy, spending some money on children is not a hindrance.

If the old man in his family is unfortunately infected with COVID-19, he must be treated in time without delay. The sooner the treatment, the better. Children who are not children can not be idle. They can do more for their own elderly. In addition to accompanying the elderly in the hospital, they can also help the elderly to prepare health foods that can help the elderly treat and recover. Elderly pneumonia has caused great damage to the elderly's lungs. The CT of the severe person shows a lot of white in his lungs. This time can help prepare some food that has a protective effect on the lungs. Ya Pear is a very good choice. It is rich in water, not only rich in various nutrients, but also moisturizes the lungs and clears dryness, relieves cough and phlegm, reduces constipation, and prevents colds. Moreover, eating ya pear will also have a certain relief effect on hypertension, dizziness, heart palpitations, tinnitus and other symptoms associated with heart disease, which is very helpful for elderly people with hypertension and heart disease. There are many ways to eat ya pears, in addition to direct consumption, it can also be made into the sugar ya pear. The method is also very simple, prepare ya pear, rock sugar. Wash and peel and peel the ya pears, then cut into pieces. Pour the right amount of water into the pan. When the water is boiling quickly, add the right amount of rock sugar. After the rock sugar has melted, add the cut ya pears. Then turn to low heat and cook for 15 minutes. Just such a simple sugar ya pear is made, so that it can be fed to the elderly, not only can reflect your filial piety but also help the elderly recover from illness. Of course, nowadays many young people are busy with their work, so they have no time to prepare such health drinks.

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