Pear is good fruit for preventing COVID-19

After two months of hard work by the people across the country, our prevention and control of COVID-19 has achieved periodic results, but the current prevention and control work cannot be relaxed, otherwise it may lead to the resurgence of the epidemic. While everyone is staying at home, it is especially important to understand ways to prevent disease. Recently, a friend of a patient has consulted a doctor on the Internet: Ya Pear is good for preventing COVID-19? Here this article will give you a detailed introduction.

COVID-19 is a type B infectious disease caused by the infection of  coronavirus. Although the disease belongs to the category B, the country control it according to the type A infectious disease. Theoretically, eating Ya Pear cannot directly prevent Covid-19, but eating Ya Pear can make the diet structure of the human body more reasonable and enhance human immunity. Therefore, to prevent COVID-19, eating Ya Pear is also a good choice.

It is recommended that you eat more fresh pear in your daily life. Such as ya pear, snow pear, singo pears,etc. These fresh pears are rich in vitamin C and minerals, can clear the body's free radicals, strengthen immunity, can resist Covid-19 infection, reduce the probability of upper respiratory tract infection. For patients with insufficiency of their lungs, they can eat more pears and eat them raw or stewed. White pear flesh has the effect of nourishing yin and moisturizing the lungs. Sydney and rock sugar also have a certain antitussive effect.

What pears should I eat to prevent Covid-19? The Covid-19  is not terrible, it can be prevented and controlled, as long as you master the prevention methods, you can keep the disease away from yourself. The best way to preventCovid-19 is to isolate at home, wash hands frequently, strengthen indoor ventilation, and do not go out for dinner. Although eating fresh pears does not directly prevent new coronary pneumonia, it also plays a role in enhancing human resistance and reducing viral infections. To prevent Covid-19, you should eat more seasonal pears such as ya pear, snow pear, singo pears,etc. For those with insufficient lung energy, eating more pears also has the effect of moistening lungs and coughing.

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