Kazakhstan Announced that It Would Suspend Import for Some Fruit Varieties from China

As the world's largest trading country, in recent years, China and overseas countries have become increasingly close in economic and trade relations. According to statistics of the Kazakhstan National Economic Commission, the total trade volume between the country and China reached US $ 14.39 billion in 2019, a year-on-year increase of 23%. Therefore, China has also become Kazakhstan's second largest trading partner ranking after Russia.

However, according to the latest report from Hartung News Agency on March 6th, Kazakhstan decided to temporarily stop the import of some products such as Ya Pear,Apple,citrus fruits and melon seeds from China from March 2nd. It is understood that Kazakhstan made this decision out of concern about the quality problems regarding products. In the face of this import restriction in Kazakhstan, the Chinese quarantine department has reviewed the country ’s official notice and recommended strengthening quarantine measures on products.

When China's pork market was in high demand last year, Kazakhstan also won a license to export pork to China. Subsequently, the country set a supply target to increase pork exports to China to more than 100,000 tons. At the end of last year, Kazakhstan also exported corn to China for the first time in a container situation. However, when the import and export trade with China continued to heat up, Kazakhstan suddenly set restrictions on some products imported from China, which may affect some future economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

But in fact, in addition to the import and export of agricultural products, Kazakhstan is also very interested in China's energy market. Last month, Kazakhstan had made recommendations to Russia, hoping that it would pass through Kazakhstan while building the natural gas pipeline to help it further deliver gas to China. Prior to this, Kazakhstan had agreed to Russia to export coal to China on its behalf. It can be known that Kazakhstan intends to obtain certain benefits from the frequent economic and trade cooperation between China and Russia.

It is noted that Russia has previously made a decision to suspend the import of some Chinese fruits,such as Ya pear, Apple, Fresh Lemon,Orange,etc. However, under the joint settlement of the two sides, this situation has now improved somewhat. In addition, at this critical moment, China and Russia still maintain close trade relations. However, Kazakhstan has not yet established a firm power in the Chinese market, but it has taken measures such as import restrictions on some Chinese products, which may make the country lose more opportunities for cooperation with China.

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