Xinjiang Khorgos Port exported more than 60,000 tons of fruits and vegetables to Kazakhstan in the first ten months of 2019

According to Horgos Customs statistics, from January to October this year, Xinjiang Horgos port exported 65,400 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, including Ya pear, Fuji Apple,Onion, Orange,etc, accounting for 40.57% of the total exports of fruits and vegetables at Xinjiang port, with a value of RMB 721 million, mainly exported to Kazakhstan.

As a window for China to open to the west world, Khorgos makes full use of the platform of the Asia-Europe Continental Bridge to strengthen exchanges with the five Central Asian countries and Russia, and its foreign trade is booming.

In the Khorgos Gold Billion Yard, I saw a lot of large trucks coming and going around, and workers were busy with loading and unloading of goods in front of the supervision warehouse. Kai Yang, general manager of Winfun Industrial Co., Ltd., engaged in fruit and vegetable export business, said that since its establishment in 2018, Winfun Agriculture has developed into an annual export volume of more than 3000 tons in three years. Agricultural products logistics base, the trade volume reached 230 million US dollars, and opened a series of services such as loading and unloading, warehousing, customs clearance, information consulting. "Our company now exports about 50 tons of fruit every day, mainly for Ya Pear,Fuji apples,grapes,oranges, fresh lemons. Especially after the opening of the" fast channel ", the vehicles that transport fruits and vegetables have greatly shortened the customs clearance time. Generally, when they leave the morning, they can go to Kazakhstan in the afternoon. In the Almaty market, the speed of customs clearance makes our fruits and vegetables fresh. "

It is understood that the clearance time for fruits and vegetables at Horgos port was about 4 hours; in 2018, Horgos Customs took a number of measures to reduce it to about 2 hours. On September 28 this year, after Horgos (middle) -Nurrauer (Kazakhstan) rapid customs clearance of agricultural and sideline products opened, "green channel" can be basically cleared in 30 minutes.

In view of the characteristics of timeliness and high freshness of agricultural products, Horgos Customs has set up a special window for agricultural vehicle business processing at the customs clearance business site of highway ports, set up special channels for agricultural products in the entry and exit channels, and hang a special "fast channel" logo. Assemble "special windows, special channels, special signs" and other service measures, adopt the principle of "advance appointment, come and do", and make every effort to ensure that vehicles for agricultural and sideline products are processed through customs clearance and priority inspection and release first .

According to Chen Mingxiang, a first-level administrative law enforcement officer of the First Section of Khorgos Customs Supervision, after the “fast channel” for rapid customs clearance of agricultural products was opened, the vegetables and fruit commodities during the previous trial operation were expanded to agricultural and sideline products. In addition to vegetables, as long as they are agricultural products listed on the document submitted by China and Kazakhstan, such as Ya Pear,Apple,dried fruits,peanuts and other specialty products, they can enjoy the "fast channel" policy to achieve rapid customs clearance.

The fast-track customs clearance of agricultural  products promotes the “fast channel” of agricultural products between China and Kazakhstan, and also promotes the economic development of Khorgos port, effectively serving the construction of the “one Belt and one Road” and making Khorgos a China An important distribution center for exporting fruit and vegetable products including Ya Pear, Apple, Tomato, Potato and Onion,etc to the West World.

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