China Ya Pear Stepped into Fruit Market of Peru

On December 4th of 2017, the premiere of Chinese Ya pear was exported to Peru was held in Xinji, Hebei. China Ya pear successfully opened up the Peruvian market. This event is of great significance for enhancing the influence of China's fruits in the South American market.

Fruit production in China and Peru has seasonal differences, and there is great potential for agricultural business development. In recent years, Chinese fruit export companies have gradually increased their efforts to explore emerging markets such as South America. In particular, since the signature of the China-Peru Free Trade Agreement, the tariff reduction for the export of Chinese agricultural products to Peru has come down.

In order to promote the export of Chinese fresh pears to Peru, the AQSIQ Department of Animal and Plant Development actively promotes the elimination of banning measure. In September this year, Peruvian phytosanitary experts were again invited to visit the apple and pear producing areas of China. Peruvian experts expressed appreciation and recognition for the management of apple or pear orchards and packaging plants in China. On September 30, the Peruvian official website announced the list of orchards and packaging plants that are capable of  exporting apple and Ya pPear to Peru. Chinese fruit exports to Peru took the final critical step.

In order to promote the export of Hebei Ya Pear, the Hebei Inspection and Quarantine Bureau seriously implements the requirements of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. With quality and efficiency to be focused, it strives to promote the supply-side structural reform, promotes quality improvement actions, and promotes The special action of agricultural products with the core of “variety, quality improvement and brand creation” is the core. Adhere to the demonstration and lead, promote the local government to vigorously carry out the construction of quality and safety demonstration areas, and have successively built 4 national-level export food and agricultural products quality and safety demonstration areas including Xinji and a number of provincial-level demonstration areas; adhere to brand building and guide and help enterprises cultivate well-known brands; Together with the Department of Animal and Plant Administration of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association, it has advocated the establishment of Hebei Youguomeng Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. as a key fruit exporting enterprise, to achieve "a unified standard system, unified conformity assessment procedures, unified brand management, and unified marketing ", Promoted the healthy development of Hebei's Ya pear export industry,so that the company achieve the development, and Ya Pear farmers get benefits. 

From January to November 2017, a total of 237,600 tons of fresh pears were exported, earning US $ 178 million in foreign exchange, an increase of 26% and 20% respectively over the same period last year.

Xinji is an important Ya pear producing area in Hebei. It has many honorary titles such as China's hometown of Ya pear, a national economic forest industry demonstration county, a national-level pear fruit standardization demonstration area, and Hebei's top ten Ya Pear-characteristic counties and cities. The General Administration granted the title of National Demonstration Zone for Quality and Safety of Exported Food and Agricultural Products. The city currently has a total of 400,000 mu of fruit trees, including 250,000 mu of Ya pears, 317 villages in 344 villages have pear trees, 10 provincial demonstration parks and 40 municipal demonstration parks, with a total annual fruit output of 750,000 tons and fruit products The sales and conversion rate is over 95%, the output value of the Ya Pear industry chain exceeds RMB 2 billion, and farmers' income from the Ya Pear industry accounts for more than 30% of per capital net income.

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