History of Zhao County Ya Pear Blossom Festival

In order to publicize Zhao County located in Hebei Province of China to the outside world, and let the world witness the beauty of Ya pear blossoms, Zhao County  Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government decided to adapt to folk customs and flourish in the prosperous world. Zhao County  Ya pear blossoms Festival was held. The Zhao County Ya pear blossoms Festival has complied with the development needs of Zhao County's tourism and economy, and has become a highlight of Beizhen's tourism industry.

The First Ya Pear Blossom Festival

In the spring of 1991, the ya pear flowers in Zhao County bloomed beautifully, and the beautiful Zhao County was decorated and scored as enchanting. The spring breeze stirred the hearts of the children of Zhao County. The Ya pear blossoms and the beautiful scenery attracted thousands of tourists.  The most beautiful festival since the opening of the world-Pear Blossom Festival. In the year of 1991, Zhao County  Ya pear blossoms Festival became the focus of attention.

In the morning of April 28, 1991, in the heart of the exciting drumming music, surrounded by the singing and dancing of the literary and artistic teams, surrounded by the pine and cypress, as the main venue of the flower viewing society, the scenic spot of Zhao County  Ya pear Pavilion seemed to be anchored in Wanqing A boat in the blue wave, with thick makeup and fresh makeup, dressed in a festive dress, more handsome and charming than before, with a graceful style.

At 9:30 in the morning, in front of the gate of Dage Mountain covered by pine arches and colorful flags, the opening ceremony of Zhao County  Ya pear l Flower Appreciation was held. At that time, the provincial, city, and county leaders and guest representatives delivered enthusiastic speeches at the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon for the event. Guests from all over the world went into the ya pear blossoms to appreciate the beauty of Zhao County  Ya pear blossoms. The Beizhenmiao branch held a calligraphy and painting exhibition, performed Taiping drums, and disco performances for the elderly. TheZhao County lElementary School held a pearl ball game. The Liao Mausoleum of Longgangzi in Futun was opened to the public for the first time. Various scenic spots organized colorful flower viewing, photography and live calligraphy and painting performances. In the afternoon, the economic and trade street from Nanguan to Drum Tower in the county town showed visitors and tourists the famous local specialties of Zhao County .

The 2nd Ya Pear Blossom Festival

On April 28, 1992, Zhongming Ancient Temple reproduced the grand ceremony of Zhao County  Ya pear blossoms Festival, and snow dyed doctor Zhao County   reunited with guests from all over the world. The Ya pear blossoms that spread all over the mountains, like white snow floating like snow waves, like a fragrant snowy sea in the north! The difference between the second Ya Pear Blossom Festival and the first one is that the main venue of the conference is located in Zhao County Temple, the crown of the temples outside the temple, and a branch venue is set up at Yiwulushan Gate.

The colorful flags flutter in front of the ancient and majestic Zhao County   Temple gate, and huge colorful balloons float in the air: Warmly celebrate the grand opening of the 2nd Zhao County Ya Pear Flower Appreciation Meeting in Jinzhou City; deepen reforms, expand opening, and work hard to prosper the city and other four huge slogans striking. The leaders of the party, government and military of Jinzhou City, the leaders of five cities in western Liaoning, international friends from Japan, the United States and Germany, people from the economic and business circles of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and high-tech from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Director of the Enterprise Bureau Zhang Hong and other experts and scholars in the domestic science and technology community, Jinzhou scholars, professors, experts working in Beijing and domestic research institutes and universities, as well as friends from the economic and trade circles and cultural and educational circles.

19th Zhao County  Ya pear blossoms Festival

On April 25th, 2009, a week-long "2009 Liaoning Tourism Happy Festival · Jinzhou Tourism Week · Beizhen Lushan Pear Blossom Festival" event was launched in Jinzhou Beizhen Yiwu Lushan Scenic Area. At the launching ceremony, we once again launched the "Qingdi Mountain Festival" performance, visitors can wear the emperor's costume to participate in the performance in person. Since then, large-scale literary and artistic performances have been held every day.

20th Zhao County  Ya pear blossoms Festival

In 2010, the twentieth Ya Pear Blossom Festival was full of highlights, creating a tourist image star, which attracted the attention of the princess Ewha; 100 self-driving caravans, a romantic tour of North Ya Pear Flower Town; a hundred years of pear tree adoption, irrigation and hope for happiness; charm North Town The Pear Blossom Festival photo contest gathered; Zhao County Temple held the Ya Pear Blossom Festival prayer opening ceremony, Qingyan Temple praying for the big pilgrimage; Qidan ethnic performance, bringing back time to thousands of years ago; singing and dancing, two-person performance, bonfire party, let us enjoy the seven crazy themes The point attracted the world's attention.

The "First China Zhao County  Ya pear blossoms Culture Forum" and the Ewha Festival together indicate that the tourism industry in Zhao County  endowed with the connotation of "Fu Culture" has entered a new stage of development. Strongly promote and promote the overall image of "Holy Land for Prayer and Blessing of Medicine-North China Town", further deepen the understanding of tourists from all over the world on the culture of Zhao County, inject new vitality into the tourism industry in Zhao County  Leapfrog development of town tourism.

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