Ya Pear Blossoms Festival all around Hebei Province of China

Starting from this week, the Ya pear blossoms of Hebei Province will greet the flowering period from south to north, and the Ya pear blossom festivals will be held in various places to attract tourists from other places. Although Ya pear flowers are similar in different places, different local cuisines and unique folk performances will make the Ya pear flowers festivals in different places show different characteristics.


The concentrated growing areas of Ya pear trees in central and southern Hebei Province are mainly located in counties and cities such as Wei County, Ningjin, Zhao County, Jinzhou, Xinji, Fucheng, Shenzhou, Botou and Dingzhou. According to the phenological rule of Ya pear tree flowering period and early climatic conditions, the daily average temperature and accumulated temperature indicators are used to predict this year's Ya pear flowering period in central and southern Hebei Province: Wei County, Jinzhou, Xinji, and Shenzhou will begin to bloom around March 26. The Ya pear blossoms in Ningjin and Botou will open one after another on the 27th, and the pear blossoms in Zhaoxian, Dingzhou and Fucheng will enter the initial flowering period on the 29th. The best viewing period for Ya pear blossoms is from the end of March to the beginning of April.


In addition, as of March 24th, all counties and cities in Shijiazhuang, Hengshui, Xingtai, and Handan, Baoding, except for Laiyuan and Yi County, most counties and cities in the west of Cangzhou, Rongcheng in Xiong'an New District , Xiong County, and Zhuolu of Zhangjiakou have entered the season of spring.

Handan: The 19th Ya Pear Blossom Festival in Wei County

Time: March 27th to April 7th

Tour route: Shengui Tuocheng Cultural Park-Dasong Liyuan Tourist Area-Kongrong Rangli Cultural Park Tourist Area-Qinlian Cultural Park Tourist Area-Minyou Lake Tourist Area-Guzhang Chunyun Tourist Area-Mochi · Lixiantai Tourist area.

Features: Wei County is a famous hometown of Chinese Ya pear, a national garden county, and a national water conservancy scenic spot. It has a history of more than 2,000 years and is a millennium ancient county named by the United Nations Geographical Names Expert Group. There are 66 kilometers of water system around the county, more than 9,000 acres of ecological water surface, and 200,000 acres of ecological pear orchards.


Xingtai: The 4th Ya Pear Blossom Festival and Huahai Half Marathon in Wei County

Time: April 4th to April 6th

Location: The main venue is located at Liye Road, Xisha River Basin, Wei County

Features: Early April is the moment when 100,000 acres of Ya pear blossoms bloom in Wei County. The end of this event is the main venue of the Ewha Festival. The long-distance running will be relaxed to the maximum extent. Run into 100,000 mu of Ya pear gardens, enjoy Ya pear blossoms, watch local performances in Wei County, taste the deliciousness of the parade pears in Wei County, visit the food and folk culture exhibition area, and visit the folk special products exhibition.


Shijiazhuang: Zhao County Ya Pear Blossom Festival

Time: At the beginning of April, the scenery of Lihua is slightly different according to the time.

Features: There is a pear tree in Dongzhuang Old Pear Garden in Zhao County, which is 1100 years old. In addition, there are ancient Ya pear trees in Nanzhuang. Nanzhuang and Dongzhuang have been connected into a large group of ancient trees, many of which are around 500 years old.

Cangzhou: The Second Ya Pear Blossom Festival

Time: April 6th to April 12th

Location: Xinglongdian Ya Pear Garden

Features: There are Qianlong Ancient Well and Centennial Tribute Pear Garden. The Ya Pear Blossom Festival will have a special snack area and a green agricultural product display area. Under the pear tree will also be carved porcelain artists, paper-cutting artists, and sugar-blowing artists to show visitors their skills.


Qinhuangdao: The Twelfth Qinglong Official Township Ya Pear Blossom Festival

Time: April 13-28

Location: Guanchang Township, Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County

Features: Guanchang Township is located in the eastern foothills of the Yanshan Mountains, 60 kilometers away from the downtown area of Qinhuangdao, and 8 kilometers away from Chengqin Expressway. Since Qianlong gave the local pear the name Anli in the Qing dynasty, the officialdom had a habit of growing pears. At present, there are nearly 160,000 Ya pear trees in the fruiting period, including 30,000 trees over 100 years and more than 300 trees over 200 years. This year's Ewha Festival also introduced a wide variety of delicious snacks, visitors can enjoy the scenery while enjoying delicious food.

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