The Korean Pear makes me become rich

Li Baoying is a farmer in Lumen Village, Wenshu Town. One day,  he went to Tai'an, Shandong Province, and found that "Korean pear" cost RMB 10  per kg. The price was really high, but it was very sweet and juicy. He bought a box, and cost very high to be RMB 60 for 9pcs, but he tasted, especially sweet and crisp, no residue, absolutely good!

In 2003, he went to Jiaonan, Shandong to deliver goods, and found that the area where "Korean pears" were grown in big amount . The technician also told him that the "Korean Pear" would realize profits in three years and a high yield in the fourth year with considerable benefits.


He went to Anhui, Hebei and other provinces to conduct a full investigation: the main varieties on the market are pretty cheap in comparison with Korean Pear. Dangshan Peaer is only RMB 1.2 per kg, and Ya Pear from Hebei are only RMB 1.8 per kg. Being encouraged  by the continuous promulgation of the Party's Benefit Agriculture Policy policy in recent years, his confidence is bigger than ever.


After he put forward his ideas to his friends and relatives, he was persuaded that he had invested more in planting pears and had slower results. If he encountered severe natural disasters, the consequences would be disastrous. The wife is even more opposed: "However, you can settle down peacefully, but you are tossing yourself. You have to do it yourself. I won't go!"

These people are persuasive. It is not without reason, but Li Baoying must do what he wants.

"I am the person that loves what he like to do. I  don’t say anything, just do it." Li Baoying said firmly. A post on the west side of Yuanmu Village could not be poured, "looking at the sky". At the end of 2003, he was introduced that he and the village signed a contract for hiring the farmland for 30 years with area of 500 mu.


In the early spring of 2004, he came to this land by himself, and suddenly the wind was so strong that he was covered with dust and became a "dust man". At the beginning, he didn't build a house,  and a layer of soil fell in the bowl of rice when the wind was blowing. This suffering  made him feel sad.


However, there is no turning arrow when opening the bow. He and 50  workers rose up early and planted more than 50,000 pear trees. The "Korean pear" garden with an investment of more than RMB 2 million has the largest area in Xuchang.

He also introduced industrial concepts to develop Pear Garden and implemented enterprise management. In 2005, Yuzhou Haosheng Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. was established.

Every step of Liliyuan's progress made Li Baoying overjoyed, but he was most worried about financial difficulties. When I borrowed money, I have to think about a few things, and some people were worried that it would be tens of thousands if I borrowed it. It was impossible to pay it back. I had to borrow it from relatives and friends."


Li Baoying knows that the key is technology. To this end, he specially employed three professional technicians from Shandong to learn management  and standard planting, with a monthly salary of 1,500 yuan per person besides accommodation,.


Many locals have learned a lot of planting and management techniques in a subtle way while working. Li Baoying has also become an expert in technology and management.

Last autumn, the expected harvest season finally came. The yellow large pears have bent their branches, each weighing an average of 450g, the largest one weighing 1 kg. Because the pears are large, slag-free, crisp, sweet, high in sugar content, and small in core, even though they cost RMB 3  per kilogram, nearly 30,000 kilograms of pears were ordered by the nearby people in a few days.


In order to open up the market, last year he brought 4 pieces of pears to the Beijing International Agricultural Products Fair at his own expense. Someone tasted them. They were better than Beijing Daxing Pear and Japanese Fengshui Pear.


"Korean pear made me really taste the benefits." Li Baoying said, "Now we need to build a cold store to keep fresh, buy and choose fruit machines to sort out and sell, and make a brand. In the future, we will build a nursery so that the surrounding people and the folks in our hometown can grow it to 3000 Mu, will build hotels in the future and develop tourism industry.

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