Uncle Ya Pear

The story of Uncle Ya Pear: This is a sad story of an unfortunate 40-year-old single-person office worker, Uncle Ya Pear. Uncle Ya Pear represents the ordinary people in the society with rigorous personality, unscrupulous, honest, principled, and serious , Like to act according to plan. In appearance, Uncle Ya Pear wears a tie, a badge, a briefcase in hand, and a pair of myopic glasses, which adds a refined taste to the shape of the rough ore. Uncle Ya Pear lives a commute from nine to five, and is a very good man in life.

At work, Uncle Ya Pear was squeezed by his boss, Jiao Boss, and in life, he was bullied by the neighbor's naughty sisters Sakura Sakura and Tao Tao. Fortunately, there was a kind Apple sister who had always cared about him and arranged for him Match after match, but all ended in failure. However, even though life is boring and hard,  Uncle always faces a new life every day with a positive attitude.

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