How does the Name of Ya Pear Come from

It is said that there was a man named Pan Zun. He was a traditional Chinese medicine doctor who used to collect medicine in the mountains. One day he found a duck while collecting medicine, but ordinary ducks should not appear in such deep mountains. He was very curious and found a pear tree. But it did not have the name at that time. He took this strange fruit back to his shop, cut it and licked it at the risk, he took a bite and found that it was sweet and delicious. because it looks like a duck, so people will call it: Ya Pear.

Ya Pear is a fruit which is mainly originated from the north of China. For each spring, everything recovers. The pear trees in the northern pear orchard are fully occupied with new green leaves and white pear blossoms. With the flying of the bee and butterfly, it looks particularly beautiful under the spring sunshine.

There are many pear trees in Beijing, and the Beijing flavor is called "Ya Pear." Many farmers also like to expose ducks (excellent varieties for making Beijing roast ducks) in pear orchards and peck on young grass bugs. When the sun goes down, many children plays with birds and flowers, forming the scene of "Ya Pear Paradise". As soon as autumn arrives, the fat ducks that can be sloppy and the "Yaer Pears" full of branches stand side by side. The duck body resembles a pear shape, and the snow white and gold color combined into be a beautiful scene.

The harvest season of Ya Pear is around the Mid-Autumn Festival, and people will present moon cakes that symbolize reunion and Ya pears that symbolize auspiciousness and wealth to relatives and friends. In the full moon night, the garden table is set with moon cake and Ya Pear, and the family sits together and eats and enjoys the moon, showing joy and auspiciousness!

Ya Pear is a popular fruit with golden color, thin skin and juicy, sweet and refreshing, rich in amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients. Although it is not as expensive as lychee and longan, but because of its low price and sweet taste, it is a fruit that people can afford.

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