Pear is Healthy & Nutritional

The beauty of pears is more than just skin deep.

This is a fruit that has a healthy personality – the kind of fruit you want to have at any time.  They are luscious and satisfying, which goes without question. But pears also have these exciting nutritional points:

short in calories

Contain no fat, cholesterol or sodium

A delicious source of energy (carbohydrates)

Rich in fiber

A good source of vitamin C

Contain natural antioxidants

And that’s just the basic point and there are much, much more points to show with pear.

One medium-size pear has around 100 calories, 0 fat, 0

cholesterol, 0 sodium, 26g CHO (6 g fiber; 16g

sugar); 10% vitamin C; 2% calcium; 190 mg potassium.

Soluble fiber contained in pear is also linking with lower blood pressure and reduced inflammation. While short-term inflammation can be also seen as part of the body’s natural defenses and critical to healing from injuries or infections, it is not good for the body to keep in this condition, and it is known as chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation has big damage to the health and considered the cause of many diseases including heart disease and others.

Soluble fiber of pear is also helpful for slowing the absorption of carbohydrates which may make people with diabetes in keeping their blood sugar in  normal levels. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder impacting on the body’s ability to secrete insulin and use blood sugar for energy. A key part of managing diabetes is to control blood sugar levels, and slower absorption of carbohydrates is very critical.


nsoluble fiber of pear can help to maintain a healthy GI tract by carrying foods through the body efficiently. Fiber in general helps promote satiety, or triggering a feeling of fullness, which can be helpful in losing weight or weight maintenance efforts. A diet that includes insoluble fiber of pear has also been helpful for a reduced risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Now here’s the beauty part: Pears contain mixed soluble and insoluble fiber, providing a total of 6 grams of fiber in just one medium-size pear. That makes pears one of the top food choices for fiber. Just one pear each day makes you well-conditioned for the whole day!

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