What will happen when the Singo Pear came to Shiping of China

Speaking of Singo Pear, it was born more than 100 years ago. According to reports, Kikuchi Akio, a Kanagawa agricultural test site in Japan, was bred from Tennogawa together with Imamura autumn in 1915, and was named and released in 1927.

Due to its well-developed root system, its strong adaptability to soil, and its ability to resist pests and diseases, Singo Pear has been widely planted in Japan, Korea, China and other places in the Asia. After being introduced into China, it has been continuously improved and planted. The quality has become better than similar products in Japan and South Korea.

Singo pear was introduced to Shiping County, Honghe Prefecture, the three-dimensional climate is outstanding, and the unique terrain and fertile soil provide a unique environment for the growth of Singo pear. Besides eating, just looking make people feel very pleased.

Fine-skinned tender meat, rich and beautiful, can be called “ Queen in the fruit world"

During the period of planting, the farmers ensure that the production process is pure natural, hormone-free, and not waxed. In Longpeng's pear garden, all animals and plants are converted into organic fertilizer. The whole process is physical deworming, bee pollination, and artificial weeding. Following the natural growth rulesand organic planting, which will keep the land from being damaged, and ecological cycling. Fuji Singo Pears are big-size and selected.

The Singo  Pear is delicate and smooth, golden and round. What is the taste of Singo Pear? I believe that those who have eaten will not be disappointed! The peel is thin and flaky, the white and crispy pear flesh is plentiful, the juice is plentiful, and the mouth is fine without residue. The highest brix level is 20.5, making its taste pretty sweet. 

In addition to the unparalleled taste, the antioxidant capacity of Singo Pear is also super strong: it will not change color after 3 days of cutting to ensure that the nutritional content of the pear will not be lost. Different from the general pear products starts to be sold in Autumn, Fuji Singo pears matured in mid-to-late July, and they can satisfy the stomach of those people who like pear..

Summer and autumn are perfect for pears. Because pears are rich in free acids, pectin, carbohydrates and other trace elements. Eating more in summer can help the body purify organs and store calcium and vitamins, while eating in the autumn can achieve the effects of nourishing lungs and cough, lowering blood pressure.

Compared with the pears such as Ya Pear and Fengshui pears in the market, Singo Pear has almost all the advantages which are thin-skin, thick-flesh, small-core, soft,juicy, refreshing and delicious. Eating a Singo pear for each day,it helps protect the lungs from dust and smoke in the air, moisturizes the lungs, and improves the respiratory system and lung function.

Singo pears can be eaten directly or cooked in steamed method to make it into soups. Because of its sweet, juicy and slag-free characteristics, Singo Pear is especially suitable for home-made juice. With three simple steps, peeling, pitting, and pressing, you can immediately get a glass of fresh and delicious fresh squeezed pear juice.

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