Manual Pollination for Pear

In the greenhouse production of  pear, there are generally no insect pollination conditions, and artificial pollination must be performed to increase the pear setting rate. The specific operation method and precautions are introduced as follows:

1.  Preparation of  pear pollen:

Add pear pollen or pure pollen that absorbs moisture for about 24 hours to the pollen extender and mix well. The ratio is 10 doses of pear pollen plus 2 doses of extender, 2 doses of pure pollen and 1 dose of extender. Fill the prepared pollen into a dry vial.

2. The best time for pear pollination:

During the flowering period of pear, it is advisable to carry out between 11:00 am after the greenhouse is uncovered. As for a flower, the best time for pear pollination is half an hour after flowering. The 4 hour pollination and pear setting rate was 80%. It is best to give the first pollination within 4 hours after the peak of flowering, and the first pollination after full bloom.

3. Pear Pollination method:

In the greenhouse production of pears, artificial pollination is adopted. Due to the high humidity in the greenhouse, no pollen thinner is added, and pollen mixing is used to improve pear set rate. Manual point teaching method: Use a pencil with a rubber eraser or goose feather ear stick to teach, which can save the amount of pear pollen, and the effect is good, and 3 to 5 flowers can be awarded once the pollen is applied. 

The early flowering rate is high and the pear fruit is large, so the pollination effect is the best when the first flowers bloom. Due to inconsistent flowering periods, it is better to repeat pollination during pollination.

4. other points needs attention:

① Raining Wether: Bad weather such as low temperature and dry hot wind directly affect the effect of artificial pear pollination. Pear pollination is best in the morning when the temperature is 18-25 ℃. Pollination is not ideal when the temperature is below 15 ℃.

② In case of rain within 2 hours after pear pollination, pollination will be required.

③ The pollen remaining after pear pollination has not been dried and the identification of pollen germination rate is less than 20%. It cannot be used alone in the following year.

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