Pear Flower Festival in Dangshan

Every year, there is the "Pear Flower Festival" with the characteristics of Dangshan. The Pear Flower Festival looks at and integrates the ecological and cultural tourism resources of Dangshan for the first time from a national and global perspective. During this session of “Pear Flower Festival”, the Dangshan million acres of pear was awarded as” The biggest County for Pear Planting”. "Long Yellow River, through the pear flower sea" masterpieces of the earth are not only unique in China, even the world. 

In order to make visitors feel the magnificence for the Beautiful scenery of the world's pear capital , Anhui Tourism Aircraft No. 1 is scheduled to start up the first flight ceremony in Dangshan at this Tourism Festival. This activity, which is strongly supported by the Tourism Bureau of Anhui Province, fully demonstrates that the “Northern Anhui Tourism” represented by Dangshan Pear Flower Festival is the highlight in the entire are, which is seen as Important position in Anhui tourism development strategy. The development of Dangshan Eco-Tourism has seized this rare opportunity and worked hard to make the current Pear Flower Tourism Festiva to be well-known,  further enhance the popularity of Dangshan and North Anhui tourism in China. 

South Anhui has the beauty of the Huangshan Mountains, and northern Anhui has the aura of the Yellow River. Since ancient times, the pear flower and the beautiful water have been intertwined. The soft mood depicted by "a pear with a spring and rain" is intoxicating, and together with the atmosphere of "Long Yellow River, crossing the sea of pear flowers" perfectly interprets the cultural heritage of Dangshan Pear Flower Tourism. The friends from all over the world bathed in the intoxicating spring breeze in April when the pear flowers were blooming. Looking at the sights of millions of acres of pear flower in bloom, you can raft through the ancient Yellow River across the pear garden on both sides of the river, or make a beautiful wish under the pear  tree. It's so cozy to savor the beautiful time that blooms! In March of the spring, I was walking in Wanshan Pear Garden along the Laoshan Mountain, experiencing the beauty of the paradise without the sound of a car and machine, and making people cast aside the hustle and bustle of the city, and truly let people experience the true meaning of life in peace, purity and detachment. 

On the banks of the ancient Yellow River, folk performances such as "cockfighting, sheep fighting, dog fighting, dragon dancing, lion dancing, bamboo horses, and dry boats" and other folk customs and performances. The true connotation of "Traveling the Old Road of the Yellow River, admiring 10,000 hectares of pear flowers, tasting the pear township culture, and enjoying the farming style".

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