Why does Qiuyue Pear Taste Better Than Other Pears

In recent years, Qiuyue Pear's reputation has already surpassed other pears, and the pear is sold very hot at major micro e-commerce platforms. Before being on shelf, Qiuyue pear  had been ordered in advance by major distributors,cold storage and packaging houses. why is Qiueyue pear so popular?

Qiuyue pear is mainly grown in Laiyang, Laixi, and Haiyang in the Jiaodong Province. It is initially originated from Japan.  Qiuyue pear sprouts in March and matures in September. It is listed on the market around the Mid-Autumn Festival. Compared with other pears, Qiuyue pear is larger, and one is usually more than 400g.

Qiuyue pear is flat and round, generally bagging, yellow skin when mature, and the surface is covered with spots, but the taste is much better than other pears.

Qiuyue pear has a very high juice content, which can reach more than 80%. The juice flows out by one bite, and even the most natural pear juice can be directly squeezed by hand. Generally, pears have a grainy and sandy taste, but Qiuyue pear is very smooth and crispy.

Qiuyue Pear is also easy storage, but it is not suitable for long-term storage, and it is easy to become soft after storage in cold storage.

Because Qiuyue Pear has a very good taste and a relatively high price, it looks similar to some pears, such as Fengshui Pear and Huashan Pear. Therefore, many micro e-commerce companies sometimes sell other types of pears with name of Qiuyue pear. When you buy them, you need to be very careful .

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