The right time for harvesting Xinjiang Fragrant Pear

The Korla Fragrant Pear producing area is located at the northern edge of the Tarim Basin and the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountains, with an altitude of 850-1125 meters. The soil is deep and fertile, and the vegetation is mostly arid desert shrubs and weeds. The water sources are from the snow water of the Tianshan Mountains, flowing from north to south, and from west to east in a network pattern to form a vast irrigation oasis, which belongs to a warm continental dry climate. The total amount of radiation throughout the year reached more than 6000 megajoules per square meter, and the pear sunshine reached about 300 hours during the growing season in August. The temperature difference between day and night is very big, the amount of precipitation is low and the amount of evaporation is high, which reduces the occurrence of diseases and insect pests of pear trees. This area is free of any pollution and is a natural green food production area, which is very suitable for the growth of fragrant pears. Under the specific natural conditions of the country of origin in Korla, the flesh is tender, nice in flavor, and excellent in quality. After leaving the place of origin, its quality, flavor and appearance have changed greatly, which is incomparable with the fruit of the Korla.

When Korla fragrant pears are introduced to other places, the quality is always worse. On the contrary, when pears from other places are introduced to Korla , their taste often become better.

Every year around September 20th, Korla pears are ripe and delicious. From the germination period in March to the flowering period in April , and the fruit maturity period in September, after such a complete cultivation period, Korla fragrant pear has strong resistance and can withstand a low temperature of -22 ° C. The quality of drought resistance, salinity, and barrenness is known as "honey pear" in overseas markets.

The harvest time of Korla pear has a great influence on the yield, quality and storage performance of the Pear. Early harvest, low yield, poor quality, late harvest, reduced fruit hardness, low storage and transport resistance. Therefore, the correct determination of the harvest maturity of the Pear, timely harvest, and timely storage in the warehouse are the guarantee of obtaining high yield, good quality, and storage-resistant fragrant pear.

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