Characteristics of Xinjiang Fragrant Pear

Xinjiang Fragrant pears are large in yield and good in quality. Its planting area reaches 24,000 acres, with an annual output of more than 1,000 tons. Korla fragrant pears have been honored as "Chinese Honey Pears",  "Princes of Pear" in the overseas market.

There are many Varieties of pears in the world, Xinjiang Fragrant pears are the one of best among those. According to reports, those with long calyxes are male pears, and those without calyxes are femal pears. Moreover, female pears are more delicious.

Xinjiang has a saying that "Turpan's grapes, Hami melons, and Korla fragrant pears have no residue", which means that Korla is an important and unique pear base in Xinjiang, which is known as the motherland of melons and fruitst. Korla fragrant pear is one of the most prestigious fruits in Xinjiang. The fragrant pear is indeed a treasure in the fruit and has a well-known reputation at home and abroad.

Korla fragrant pear has the characteristics of pleasing color, thin skin, crispy flesh,sweet and delicious, rich in nutrition, and resistant to storage and transportation. Its brix level is above 9.75%. Not only can it be eaten directly, it can also be made into pear wine, pear cream and other related foods. It also has the medical effect of "moistening the lungs, cooling the heart, reducing phlegm, and purifying sore and poisonous toxins". IKorla Pear has won the national fruit competition with many times in the past 50 years. Since entering the international market since 1987, it has been selling well.

How to identify authentic Korla pear? "The legend of Korla fragrant pear" is the evidence for identification: The first sign is that Korla fragrant pear is smaller because it is close to the Taklimakan Desert. Due to lack of water, it is smaller than other varieties of pears.  The second mark is the red color on skin of the pear. The third mark is that Korla pear is slag-free, juicy and sweet, because Korla fragrant pear symbolizes sweet love.

The growing season for Xinjiang Pear starts from late April to early May and ends in early and mid September. This period is the peak season for the size growth and nutrition growth of fragrant pear. The main period of fruit growth of fragrant pear  is carried out in the range of daily average temperature ≥20 ℃. According to the measurement by Korla Meteorological Station, in the range of average daily temperature of 15-27 ° C, the growth rate of sweet pear is positively correlated with the temperature. When the average daily temperature is 24-26 ° C, the vertical and horizontal diameter growth rate of sweet pear fruit reaches a maximum of 0.4 mm / d ~ 0.5mm / d. The fruit swelling period of Fragrant Pears is from late June to mid-August. During this period, the average temperature in Korla region is between 24 and 27 ° C, which is very helpful for fruit growth.

There are two requirements for light conditions during the growth period of Xiang pear fruit. Firstly, there are two critical periods of Xiang pear during this period, one is from May to June of young fruit growth and flower bud differentiation, and the other is from August to September when the fruit start to become mature. Monthly, the average sunshine hours are required to be more than 9 hours; In addition,under high temperature and strong light, photosynthetic efficiency is high. Xinjiang ’s daily temperature varies greatly. The average daily temperature in the same day heats up quickly during the day, and the pears are at a suitable temperature for a long time, which improves the effectiveness of the accumulated temperature. In the June-August period of Korla fruit growing season, the temperature was more than 25 ° C from 11 to 22 o'clock (Beijing time), and the optimal photosynthesis time was more than 10h.

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