What do we need to learn from Korea for Pear Industry

In 2010, the total area of fresh pear planting in China was about 1.063 million hm2, and the output of pear was 15.0571 million tons, accounting for about 8% of total volume of the world. The output per unit area reached to 1416th, which was higher than the world average yield (1220t / hm) for the first time, but lower than the average yield of developed countries. Pear varieties cultivated in China have realized rapid changes in recent years. The proportion of late-ripening pears accounts for about 58%, that of middle-ripening pears is 27%, and that of early-maturing pears is about 15%. Affected by price increasing in domestic and foreign agricultural product and the reduction in the output of various fruits in China, China's fresh fruit exports fell down in 2010, and the total value of exports got up, while China's imports of fruits showed a growth trend in both import value and quantity, China's export and import surplus of fresh fruits is getting smaller.

In 2010, China exported 322.82 million tons of fruits, with an export value of 268 billion US dollars. Compared with 2009, the export volume decreased by 7.80%. The export value increased by 12.50%. The volume of exports was 43.78 million tons, a decrease of 5.50% compared with that of 2009. And regions are Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada and the European Union. In 2010, China's fruit imports were 26.45 million tons, and the amount of imports was 213.9 billion US dollars, an increase of 11.31% and 24.20% over 2009.

The development of China's pear industry also faces many problems, which are mainly manifested in the unreasonable layout for varieties and regional planning, the mechanism for improving quality and quality is still incomplete, the post-harvest commercialization process is properly managed, the market system is lagging behind, and the industrial coordination adjustment mechanism is not sufficient. By examining the development mode and characteristics of the Korean pear industry, it has important guidance for the sustainable development of the Chinese pear industry.

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