Development History of Ya pear Export

Botou Ya Pear is mainly exported to the high-end markets of the United States, Canada and the European Union. 

Prices have dropped significantly due to financial crisis . In the previous year, one of the export company can earn a profit of more than RMB 20,000  for each container delivered to the United States, compared with only RMB10,000 in the previous year.

After hearing this, I was in a hurry, "What measures can we use to survive the" cold winter "of the financial crisis?" the Manager smiled slightly, and then said,"In the case of the traditional export markets such as the United States and the European Union, our company is trying to consolidate the sale in those markets

Meanwhile, he also set his attention on new markets such as South America, Oceania and Africa. Although Ya Pear orders from the United States dropped significantly, orders from Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Africa did not change significantly. Especially in our newly expanded markets such as South Africa and Mexico this year, there are no competitors.

Sales volume and price of Ya Pear are both good. In addition, in July last year, They went to Russia for negotiation, and reached agreements with 3 new customers. The first shipments to Russia included 12 containers has arrived, and the customer has responded well.

In addition, I also learned from the manager that the company has signed an agreements with the village where the standardized orchard is located. The company is responsible for providing services for all aspects in the fruit production process. 

At the same time, new technologies such as pear bagging, artificial powdering, single fruit retention, and balanced fertilizer were mainly promoted, which controlled the output and improved quality. The brix level of Ya pear has increased from less than 8% to 12% .The appearance of the pear is clear and clean, and the yield rate of Ya pear has increased by nearly two times.The price is several times or even ten times higher than the normal pear. 

In Botou, the rise and fall of the Ya Pear industry not only affected the city's fiscal revenue, but also directly related to the farmers' money. I know that in the early 1990s

At the best period,and a box of 18kg of Ya Pear was sold for more than RMB100, but the good times don't last long.

Due to very crude management and failure to keep up with changes in market demand, the development of this characteristic industry faced very big problems.

In 1995, a box of pears could not sell for ten dollars, and the export volume also declined rapidly. The key point of the problem is that the output of Yali has gone up, but the quality has decreased, and many pesticide residues have been reported. Many merchants report that Botou Pear is not good as before, which is the key reason for the difficulty in selling fruit.

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