Knowledge about Snow Pear

Snow pear is the fruit of Rosaceae white pear. It is named for its white flesh like jade and snow. It is deem to be as big as a fist, sweet as honey, and crisp as diamond. Its fruit is large, round, thin skin, thick flesh, good color, juicy, sweet flavor, known as "Chinese famous fruit", "the world's first pear". 

Snow Pear nutrition analysis: 1. 1. The pear is rich in B vitamins, which can protect the heart, reduce fatigue, enhance myocardial vitality, and lower blood pressure; 2. Pear contains glycosides and tannic acid, which can relieve phlegm and cough, It has a protective effect on the throat; 3. Pear has more sugars and multi-vitamins, which can be easily absorbed by the human being, enhances appetite, and has a protective effect on the liver; 4. Pear is cool and calms heat, and regular food can restore blood pressure to normal , Improve dizziness and other symptoms; 5. eat pears can prevent atherosclerosis, inhibit the formation of carcinogens nitrosamines, thereby preventing cancer and anti-cancer; 6. high pectin content in pears can help digestion. 

Supplementary Information for Snow Pear : 1. Pear is cold, do not eat too much at one time. People with weak spleen and stomach should not eat directly with fresh pears. They can be cut into pieces and boiled in water; 2. Drinking hot water and eating greasy foods when eating pears can cause diarrhea; 3. 3. Pears can clear throat and reduce heat of body, and broadcasters and singers often eat and cook Good ripe pears can increase the body fluid in the mouth and help maintain your throat. Snow pear is suitable for normal people:  people normally can eat it 1. Cough thick or no sputum, throat itching and dry pain, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis patients, hypertension, heart disease, hepatitis, cirrhosis patients, after drinking or hangover Those who are not awake are especially suitable; 2. people with Chronic enteritis, stomach cold, diabetes  do not eat fresh pears. 

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