How to choose Snow Pear?

When we buy fresh pear, we always make decision upon the appearance, and sometimes the taste is not actually good. In fact, we shall master the right way for selection when buying pear to ensure the good taste. . Let ’s take a look at what snow pear is good. 

Look at the peel: When picking a pear, you must firstly look at the peel. If the peel looks thick, it means that the fruit is rough and lacks of juice. The pear skin is thin and thin, and has no diseases, scars, or trauma. It is pear of a good quality. 

Look at the fruit shape: if the pear is good in quality , fruit shape is right, the flesh is delicate, crisp and tender texture, the granule tissue in the pulp is less stone cells, the juice is rich, and the taste is usually sweet; Or deformed, without fruit stalks, uneven fruit size, or small heads. These pears are usually rough, with little juice, large and numerous stone cells, and have a thin, even bitter, astringent taste. The quality of these pears is poor. 

Look at the umbilicus: When picking pears, you should pay attention to the umbilicus, which is the depression at the bottom of the pear. The umbilicus is deeper and the roundness is better, while the umbilicus is less round and the taste is second.The above mentioned is a good introduction to what kind of flower pear. After knowing that we know that the selection of ingredients is not as difficult as we think. We can try it according to the above mentioned method, which can also improve the quality of our diet.

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