Thousand-Ya Pear goes to high end

57-year-old Ma Tiegang is a local person of Jinzhou. He has been thinking about it for half his life ,and now he thinks out a new idea: "Ordinary agricultural products go to the wholesale market, and income for small merchants and hawkers is not good enough. If you want to make more money, you must aim at the mid-to-high-end market and grow high-end Ya Pear.

Recently, in the pear garden of Hetou Village, Zongshizhuang Town, Jinzhou City, Ma Tiegang told reporters that products must have its own characteristics to occupy the market, so we must ensure quality and create well-known brand. The Ya pears we planted this year are different. How are they different? Not only can you feel the firmness, juicyness, and sweetness of the pulp, but also a strong fragrance of pear fruit, which is refreshing.

Jinzhou, an ancient city located in the east of Shijiazhuang, relies on a good agricultural foundation and natural endowments, and modern agriculture has developed rapidly in recent years. Today, the city is better known as the "Hometown of China Ya Pear". Jinzhou Ya Pear has been cultivated for more than 2,000 years. According to legend, more than 1,300 years ago, the famous Tang Dynasty patriarch Wei Zheng once bred a high-quality Ya pear variety, known as "Wei Zheng pear". Jinzhou Ya Pear is known for its "natural honeydew" because of its handsome fruit shape, fresh color and lustre, thin and juicy skin, rich flavor, crisp and refreshing, moderate sourness and sweetness.

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