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Also known as oil gram and oil lip, originating in the United States, it is the most widely cultivated variety in the world. The fruit is oval to obovate,and large in size.  The single fruit weighs 90 ~ 160g with radial grooves. The peel is pale yellow with large oil cells, showing thin skin and few nuclei under normal management. 


Also known as mesero or primofiori, originated in Spain, it is the main planting variety in Australia. The fruit is of medium size, spherical or oval, light yellow or yellow in color, thin and smooth skin, and high acidity.


It is spanish late-maturing variety, few spines, large fruit, few kernels, oval. The neck is prominent, the fruit surface is yellow, the cortex is rough, and the flesh is tender.

Inerdonato (Big Fruit of India)

A hybrid of lemon and round bergamot. It is the main planting variety in Turkey and the main export species. 

Green lemon 

Round, smooth fruit surface, thin skin, average fruit weight is 108g, yellow-green color when mature.


It is originating from Sicily and Italy. China growers had introduced trials from Italy to Guangdong, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other provinces. The fruit is oval in shape, weighing about 140g per fruit, with few nucleus, obvious papillae on the top of the fruit, light yellow peel, smooth, soft and juicy flesh, sour taste, strong aroma and good quality.


The Portuguese variety has a long nipple-like cusp on the top of the fruit and often bends to one side. The skin is smoother and the fruit base has a more pronounced neck. The flesh has a strong acidity.

Genoa (Genoa)

Originating in Genoa of Italy, the peel is smooth and thin, the fruit shape is rounder and the neck shorter than that of Uniric, and the citric acid content, juice yield and peel thickness are equal to Uniric.

Meyer (Beijing Lemon)

Also known as bergamot, Meihua lemon, lemon and orange or lemon and broad-skinned orange. It was discovered in the suburbs of Beijing in 1908, and brought back to the United States for planting. It has low acidity, slightly bitter taste, soft internal structure, excellent resistance to both hear and cold, thin and juicy peel and is not easy for transportation and storage.


It is a natural hybrid of lemon and tangerine or lemon and broad-skinned orange. It belongs to the low-acid type and is also the main ornamental variety. Round, thin-skinned, juicy, few-core, high-yield, strong throughout the year, not easy to fall, more cold-resistant, dark yellow peel when mature harvesting, field cultivation soil requires proper moisture content and water accumulation is not allowed.  


It is the main planted variety in Italy, with medium-sized fruits, oval fruit-shaped or short-necked oval, with thick peel and sag on the surface of the oil cells. When mature, the fruit color is yellow, with few seeds, juicy, and high acid .


It may be a hybrid of lemon and bergamot, with large fruit size, many seeds, yellow peel, thi

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