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 Winfun Agriculture covers the business for export of fresh fruits and featured agricultural products. Distribution of Winfun products is mainly made to Southeast Asia, East Asia, Mid-Asia, and some European countries.

Winfun has established more than ten farm bases and factories certified by National Export Quarantine Authority,with its export business covering high-grade Fuji Apple, Gala Apple,Red Delicious,Ya Pear, Singo Pear,Kiwi Fruit,Winter Jujube,Blue Berry, Polemo,Sweet Persimmon and other advantaged fruit species in China. All our fruit species can be delivered with very nice price and quality for better benefits of our customers. Our company has set up more than seventy cold storages for continuous delivery in the whole year. Our company is always pursuing the principal of “ Quality Assured and Credit First”, and gaining the deep trust and positive comments from the customers all over the world.

China Ya Pear

Winfun's China Ya Pear is mostly origniated from Xinji, Hebei Province.  Xinji Ya pears are varied from medium to large in size with tear-drop shaped, which usually slanted to one side with a large base that tapers to a smaller, narrow neck with a characteristically long and brown stem. Ya Pear has long stems and light green or yellow skin, which is thin and readily edible. The green thin skin will be transferred  to yellow color when it is ripe. The flesh of Ya Pear is colored with white even to be cream-colored, crisp, moist and fine-textured. It has a central core with a few small and black seeds. Ya pears are much softer than other varieties of Chinese pear, making them more susceptible to bruising. When Ya Pear comes to be ripe, it is sweet, mildly tart and juicy.

Xinji is an important Ya pear producing area in Hebei. It has many honorary titles such as China's hometown of Ya pear, a national economic forest industry demonstration county, a national-level pear fruit standardization demonstration area, and Hebei's top ten Ya Pear-characteristic counties and cities. The General Administration granted the title of National Demonstration Zone for Quality and Safety of Exported Food and Agricultural Products. The city currently has a total of 400,000 mu of fruit trees, including 250,000 mu of Ya pears, 317 villages in 344 villages have pear trees, 10 provincial demonstration parks and 40 municipal demonstration parks, with a total annual fruit output of 750,000 tons and fruit products The sales and conversion rate is over 95%, the output value of the Ya Pear industry chain exceeds RMB 2 billion, and farmers' income from the Ya Pear industry accounts for more than 30% of per capital net income.

Big Cherry

Winfun's big cherry is produced in Tianshui, Gansu Province, which are favored by consumers at home and abroad for their outstanding advantages such as large size, bright color, rich flavor, good taste, high hardness, easy storage and transportation and high nutritional value. The cultivation area of big cherry is continuously increasing with increasing of good reputation.

Tianshui outdoor cherries generally begin to ripen in mid-to-late May, and harvesting will end in late June. The shelf period is about 40 days. Varieties include Dahongdeng, Meizao, Labins, Zaodao, Naon, Brilliant Red, Black Pearl, etc.

 According to the research report made by Yantai Big Cherry Research Institute, every 100 grams of fresh cherry contains 8 grams of carbohydrates, 1.2 grams of protein, 6 mg of calcium, 3 mg of phosphorus, 5.9 mg of iron, and multiple vitamins.

There are many varieties of sweet cherries. The early-maturing varieties are mainly red lanterns, Zhifuhong, Italian early red, Zaodaguo, Meizao, etc . The middle-maturing varieties are mainly Naon, Sato Nishiki, Labins, Binku, Stanley. Late-maturing varieties mainly include early-maturing varieties such as Rainey, Pioneer, and Yanyang, which have strong market competitiveness and good economic benefits. In determining the number of main varieties, the early ripe red fruit varieties should account for a large proportion. The early-maturing varieties that can be promoted in production include Red Light, Italian Early Red, Early Big Fruit, and Meizao. Under normal circumstances, late-maturing varieties are large in fruit, bright in color, hard in flesh, resistant to storage and transportation, high in yield and excellent in quality, and can be used for both fresh food processing.


Winfun's blueberry is originated from Majiang,Guizhou Province of China. Majiang blueberry has the characteristics of small size, strong taste and original ecology. Majiang Blueberry is known as the "Queen of Fruits", which is rich in anthocyanins, ellagic acid and a variety of trace elements. It has the effects of anti-cancer and enhancing human immunity.

As of the end of 2017, the area of blueberry cultivation in Majiang was 58,000 mu, and the total output is about 4500 tons, the total created value is around RMB 250 million, and 11,000 people are involved in the blueberry industry.

Blueberry fruit is rich in nutrients, 400-700 milligrams of protein, 500-600 milligrams of fat, 12.3- 15.3 grams of carbohydratesand isoflavones per 100 grams of blueberries , Nicotinic acid and other ingredients. It has the functions of preventing brain aging, protecting eyesight, strengthening heart, anti-cancer, softening blood vessels, enhancing immunity of human body, etc. Blueberry has high health care value. It is one of the top five healthy fruits recommended by FAO.

Blueberries are delicious, the fruit is rich in nutrients, and the health care effect is obvious.Blueberry anthocyanin content is the highest among all fruits. Blueberry anthocyanins are the most active of all anthocyanins. Blueberries contain far more antioxidants than other fresh vegetables and fruits. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in the body and strengthen the immune system.

Our Manufacturing


Winfun Agriculture packing its fruites from 100% certified export base. Our fruits are famous for its sweet and crispy taste, a direct result of the important development in professionalism of the fruit sector.       


Winfun has the modernized fruit selection system in order to keep our fruits to be loaded with uniform sizes and appearence. 


Our fruits are dealt with the newest water-clean machining process to make the fruits appearence more colorful.


Winfun Agriculture was awarded by China Fruit Industry Association for”Quality Gold Prize” in year of 2018 and 2020.


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