80 pcs New Crop Hebei Ya Pear China

Name:80 pcs New Crop Hebei Ya Pear China
Count size:80 pcs
Place of Origin:Heibei Province,China
Availability Period:from Sep to June of the next year

Product Description

Zhaoxian County, Hebei Province has great volume for production of fruits with an area of 26,000 ha of fruit trees. Ya pear covers the area of 7000 ha, accounting for 29% of the county's fruit tree planting area, of which the harvested area is 6800 ha, with an annual output of 68 million kg for Ya pear, accounting for 74% of Zhaoxian’s total fruit production. Hebei is major planting base for Ya pear, and its pear fruit production accounts for more than 30% of the whole Chinese fresh pear production, and Ya pears are also the main commodity for export in Hebei Province, and its exports to the United States account for more than 90% of pear export of China. Ya Pear is an old variety, which starts the earliest planting in Hebei Province. 

It is featured for its strong adaptability, good yield, large and beautiful fruit, fine and crisp flesh, juicy and sweet, taste and easy storage . Ya Pear is beautiful in appearance, the stem of the pear is protruding, and looks like a duck head. Ya pears are generally harvested from late September to early October. The bagged Ya pears are yellowish white in color and have a unique flavor and rich nutrition. The main characteristics of Ya pear is medium-large fruits (generally, the single fruit weighs 175 grams, the largest one is 400 grams), the skin is thin and the core is small, the fruit is juicy and residue-free, moderate with the sweet and sour taste.

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