China Big Fresh Cherry

Name:China Big Fresh Cherry
Package:2kg per caton with four punnets
Skin Color:dark red
Place of Origin:Tianshui, China
Availability Period:May to August
MOQ:300 kg
Shippment:by air or vessel

Product Description

WInfun’s big cherry is originated from Tianshui, Gansu Province. The cherry fruit is fully matured with large in size.The wax layer of cherry is thick, and the surface color is bright and shiny, the taste is sweet and sour mixed with charming flavor, the flesh is thick,hard and juicy.

The main characteristics of our typical varieties are shown as follows:

Red light Cherry: the fruit is kidney-shaped, the fruit stem is short, the skin is purple, the color is bright and shinny, the flesh is thick and juicy, sweet and sour.

Meizao Cherry: The fruit is  heart-shaped, the skin is purple-red, the fruit surface is bright, the flesh is hard, the flesh is thick and juicy, sweet and sour.

Jiahong Cherry : The fruit is broad and heart-shaped, with a yellow background, red glow on the sun, bright and bright, thick and juicy, and sweet taste.

Samito Cherry: The fruit is heart-shaped, the top of the fruit, the deep red skin, high gloss, thick and juicy flesh, small core, sweet and sour taste.

Rainey Cherry: The fruit is broad-hearted, with a yellow background, bright red sun, bright color, crispy skin, thick and juicy flesh, and sweet flavor.

Late red beads: the fruit is roughly round, the surface of the fruit is deep red, high gloss, thick peel, thick and juicy flesh, sweet and sour.

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