Kiwi Fruit

Name:Kiwi Fruit
Count Size:75,85,95,105,120
Place of Origin:Shaanxi Province of P.R.China

Product Description

Meixian has become China's largest production base of high-quality kiwi fruit. The total area of kiwifruit in Meixian has reached 19600 ha. Among those, certified organic kiwifruit base is 8000 ha, EU GAP certified base is 1500 ha. Our Kiwi Fruit mainly consists of green, red and yellow heart

Meixian is situated in the zone of the continental monsoon semi-humid climate. The annual average sunshine period are 2087.9 hours, and the annual average temperature is 12.9 °C. The climate conditions are very suitable for kiwifruit growth and the development of pollution-free kiwifruit planting industry.

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