Fuji Apple

Name:Fuji Apple
Count Size:72,80,88,100,113,125,138,150
Brix Level:above 12 degree
Place of Origin:Shaanxi Province & Gansu Province of P.R.China

Product Description

Our Apple are sourced from Shaanxi Province of China, which produce the biggest amount of Fuji apple in China with its quality ranks the first. Shaanxi apples grow in high land along the Weihe River. This area is featured with high altitude, rich light, large temperature difference between day and night, and deep soil layers. The unique natural conditions have created Shaanxi apples with bright color, thick cuticle, crispy flesh, moderate sweet and sour taste, and long-period storage and transportation.One of the better-known varieties of apple are the Fuji. These apples are known for their crisp texture and long storage life. 

It is surprising that Fuji is a very popular variety, because its excellent appearance. Obviously, comparing with Pink Lady, and for many aspects Fuji apple is the better for appearance - the Fuji apple has a lighter background and the texture of skin might be clean and dry compared to the skin of Pink Lady. Of course, Fuji apple, as an older variety, does not have the same degree of marketing effort which has supported the rise of Pink Lady. Also, it is sure that the colour variation of Fuji is quite wide, from light pink to crimson pink - some of this being the result of the development of a number of sports and variations on the original.

the Fuji Apple is well-known With its sweet/tart flavor, which is a favorite fresh apple that is crisp, firm, and very juicy. The taste is really excellent. Fuji Apple has beautiful red-colored skin and is medium in size. It produces large yields that ripen late season. 

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