Pear is a kind of beautiful fruit with smooth appearance and yellow body. It looks like a little girl dressed in yellow. It's lovely. There is sweet and delicious juice in it. When you smell it, it will send out charming fragrance. If you bite a pear, it's really sweet and incomparable, but the pear cries, it will shed sweet and delicious juice. The pear is the same size as the adult's fist, and the small one is as big as the child's fist.

There are many kinds of pears, such as: Ya pear, apple pear, Fengshui Pear, Qiuyue pear, Huangguan pear, etc. Pear has a very high nutritional value, containing calcium, iron, vitamins and other substances. Pear has many functions, such as stopping phlegm, moistening throat and so on. It is especially beneficial to patients with tracheitis. According to the traditional Chinese medicine theory, pears can be used as medicine. Pear can have high blood pressure, heart disease, constipation, dizziness, insomnia, dreaminess and other diseases.

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