The apple of my hometown

My hometown is in Shaanxi Province of China,where is rich in apples. I like to eat apples from my hometown best. The shape of an apple is spherical, the size like a peach.The appearance is very unique. The leaves on the top stem of an apple are symmetrical, while the apples in other places do not. There are many kinds of apples: soft and delicious yellow banana apples; Red Fuji apples; refreshing and delicious green apples... They have their own characteristics. The flesh of our apple is water-soluble, fragrant and sweet to eat. It is delicate, soft and refreshing to eat. The taste is crisp and sweet, which makes people want to eat again. It's really "eating in the mouth, sweet in the heart".

Our apple is called  "fruit of wisdom" and "fruit of memory". It is rich in zinc, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C, carotene, etc. it has high nutritional value.

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