How to eat fruit for people with weak stomach in winter

No matter the nature of the fruit is cold or hot, eating fruit in winter is cool in physical properties, so people who weakness of spleen and stomach are not suitable for eating fruit in winter.some people do not eat fruit, and there is no need. It is suggested that you can heat it a little before eating.sush as use the microwave oven to heat it a little, but do not overheat it, or it will damage the vitamin C in the fruit. If possible, you can make the fruit into fruit juice or jam in winter. If you warm it in water, the damage to vitamin C will be relatively less. Patients with cirrhosis, can not eat hard foods. When eating fruits such as apples and pears, it is easy to cause bleeding of alimentary canal. Therefore, it is recommended to make jam and puree to eat.

In addition, when eating fruit, you should pay attention to avoid drug reaction. You'd better consult your doctor. For example, if you are using drugs with the effect of warming and nourishing , but you eat cold fruit, you will reduce drug property.

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