About Us

 Winfun Agriculture covers the business for export of fresh fruits and featured agricultural products. Distribution of Winfun products is mainly made to Southeast Asia, East Asia, Mid-Asia, and some European countries.

Winfun has established more than ten farm bases and factories certified by National Export Quarantine Authority,with its export business covering high-grade Fuji Apple, Gala Apple,Red Delicious,Ya Pear, Singo Pear,Kiwi Fruit,Winter Jujube,Blue Berry, Polemo,Sweet Persimmon and other advantaged fruit species in China. All our fruit species can be delivered with very nice price and quality for better benefits of our customers. Our company has set up more than seventy cold storages for continuous delivery in the whole year. Our company is always pursuing the principal of “ Quality Assured and Credit First”, and gaining the deep trust and positive comments from the customers all over the world.

Our Manufacturing


Meiling Goat Milk Powder produces its powders from 100% fresh goat milk produced by its own. Our goat milk is famous for its mild taste, a direct result of the important development in professionalism of the fresh milk sector.       


Meiling has the modernized milk powder production line with daily capacity of 600t fresh goat milk. Meiling Goat Milk has been authorized with certificates, including ISO9001, HACCP,GMP and Halal.


Meiling Milk Powder is manufactured with water removal process to deal with 100% fresh liquid milk. 


Meiling Infant Milk Power was awarded by China Dairy Industry Association for”Quality Gold Prize” in year of 2016 and 2017.


We work for client satisfaction

Benefits of Goat Milk

  • Industrial benefits of goat milk

    Goat milk protein contains 80% casein and 20% whey proteins 

    Rich in essential amino acids, calcium and vitamins

  • Nutritional values

    A lower heat stability compared to cow milk, which makes the buffer capacity greater/higher 

    A lower melting point (23-25°C)

  • Goat milk versus cow milk

    Goat milk contains 10% less lactose than cow milk. This makes goat milk a possible alternative for people who are lactose intolerant. 

    Goat milk contains more vitamin A and D, potassium and selenium than cow milk.

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