Baby Formula

Name:Baby Formula
Age Group:Infant
Processing Type:Sterilized
Certification:GMP, HACCP, HALAL, ISO, QS
Brix ():0.1
Fat Content ():22
Max. Moisture ():2-5
Milk Fat:27
Scorched Particles:Disc A Typical,Disc B Maximum

Product Description

goats are referred to as bioorganic sodium animals. They are also associated with vigour, flexibility and vitality. Cows are calcium animals known for stability and heaviness. Bioorganic sodium is an important element in keeping joints mobile and limber. Goat milk has traditionally been used in medicinal cultures to nourish and regenerate an over-taxed nervous system. Goat’s milk is also extremely nutrient dense. It has almost 35% of your daily needs for calcium in one cup. Extremely high in riboflavin, just one cup of goat’s milk offers 20.0% of our daily needs. Add to that high amounts of phosphorous, Vitamin B12, protein and potassium.

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