N95 face mask

Name:N95 face mask
Type of Mask:N95 face mask
Function:filtration efficiency of more than 95 for particles with an aerodynamic diameter of 0.075µm ± 0.02µm

Product Description

The N95 mask is one of nine particulate protective masks certified by NIOSH. "N" means not resistant to oil. "95" indicates that the particle concentration in the mask is more than 95% lower than that of the particles outside the mask when exposed to the specified number of special test particles. 

The 95% value is not the average value, but the minimum value. N95 is not a specific product name, as long as it meets the N95 standard and receive the approval of the NIOSH, it can be called "N95 mask". The protection level is N95, which means that under the experiment conditions specified by the NIOSH standard, the filtering efficiency of the mask filter material for non-oily particulate matter (such as dust, acid mist, paint mist, microorganisms, etc.) reaches 95%.

The N95 mask has a filtration efficiency of more than 95% for particles with an aerodynamic diameter of 0.075µm ± 0.02µm. The aerodynamic diameter of air bacteria and fungal spores mainly varies between 0.7-10µm, and it is also within the protective range of N95 masks. Therefore, N95 masks can be used for respiratory protection of certain particulates, such as dust generated during grinding, cleaning and processing of minerals, flour and  other certain materials. It is also suitable for liquid or non-oily non-production caused by spraying or hazardous volatile gas particles, which  can effectively filter and purify the inhaled abnormal odors (except toxic gases) to help to reduce the exposure level of certain inhalable microbial particulates (such as mold, anthrax, tuberculosis, etc.), but cannot eliminate the Risks including contact infection, illness or death.

Through the common efforts combined by China Central Government and all medical mask manufacturers, the production capacity of medical masks across China has been greatly improved compared to the initial period of the COVID-19 epidemic. At present, the daily output of medical masks nationwide has exceeded 80 million, which is almost three times higher than that at the end of the Spring Festival holiday of China, which has partially eased the tension. The daily output of medical N95 masks has exceeded 1 million pcs at the moment.

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic,demand for face masks is not only sharply increased in China, but also the same situation occurred globally. masks and other protective products have been urgently required at present. Major online e-commerce platforms such as Amazon in the United States have been out of stock, and offline pharmacies can not offer masks.

Our company has get some supplies with some new capacity for production of N95 masks and disposable medical masks in China, and we would like to provide our help and support for controling the epidemic situation all over the world. If you have any demand for prevention masks, pls contact with us at any time by the contacts as below. We will always available to offer our sincere help.

contact: Kai Yang ( Oversea Business Manager)

Email: yangkai@winfun-industrial.com

Mobile: 0086-18992029014

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