Fresh Lemon

Name:Fresh Lemon
Net Weight:15kg/CTN
Count Size:72,80,88,100,113,125,138,150
Grade A:perfect skin
Grade B:slightly spotted
Grade C:much spotted
Place of Origin:Sichuan Province &Fujian Province of P.R.China

Product Description

Our lemon is sourced from Sichuan Province of China, which is known as “Protected Eco-Origin Product by China".Its lemon planting scale and production ranks the No.1 in China, and market share accounts for more than 80% of China. Sichuan lemon has been exported to more than 30 countries,including Russia, USA, UK, Japan, UAE, Hong Kong, Macao,etc. All nutritional elements are bigger than that from USA and Italy. It is an ideal variety that is for fresh eating and being processed.

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